4 Ways To Manage Anxiety

It’s been almost two months since my anxiety “blip” which left me floored for two weeks with intense frustration, anger and anxiety that I lost control of. I wrote a letter to my Fricking FlamingoContinue reading

Is Our Eldest Losing Out?

It’s one of the first worries most parents who are expecting number two have. It was something I often thought about but brushed it aside considering my sister has four kids and seems to manageContinue reading

Easter Egg Hunt at Luggwoods

We’re fairly new to the element of making Easter special for our kids. We’re not particularly Easter Bunny people but we love a good Easter Egg Hunt. It’s something Little Miss really took to lastContinue reading

Water health is wealth

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Or rather, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated is pretty much the best any parent can hope to achieve. I have to admit, and I should be embarrassed as I say it, but my healthContinue reading

Momma Bear, I Need A Hug

There are days, quite a lot of them actually, when I don’t feel like the adult in this Momma Bear / Baby Bear scenario. Little Miss sidled up to me one afternoon this week andContinue reading

All About Her on Netflix

Last week saw International Women’s Day and today is Momma Bears Day. Celebrating women and mother’s has become quite an important thing for me in my life, more so since becoming a Mom, as I’mContinue reading

Endless Questions

It somehow feels justified and appropriate to use a boot in what felt like ten thousand feet of snow as the image for this post. Just like #Snowmageddon, this post feels endless with the potentialContinue reading