Baby Brain Lasts Forever

I have become very much a discombobulated mess this past week. Probably longer if you ask B. I still blame baby brain for my ludicrous stupidity and mindlessness. Baby brain was exhausting when A was a baby. I almost felt like I should tattoo my daily routine on my arm and thighs like that guy from Memento and carry a Polaroid camera with me!

Baby Brain Parenting Blog Over Heaven's Hill
Amnesia Stricken Leonard from Memento played by Guy Pearse

I thought Baby Brain disappeared after a while, that you regain your intelligence mojo when you get into a parenting groove. Ehhhhh nope!

Baby Brain Parenting Blog Over Heaven's Hill

This week alone I have –

Taken bacon out of the freezer to defrost overnight and threw it back in the freezer rather than the fridge the next morning before going to work – trying to locate the missing bacon when we got home, which of course was frozen solid again, was fairly hilarious though!

I mishear or simply can’t follow any, and I mean ANY, conversation – my attention span has gone to zip zip zero. B’s favourite phrase to me now is “what did I just say?”to which I respond with a blank face, my head desperately trying to search back through the momentary archives thinking “frick, what DID he say??”

Baby Brain Parenting Blog Over Heaven's Hill

Forgot to take the chicken out to defrost leaving us dinnerless … again!

Let a batch of bread go stale and mouldy because I forgot, instead of the normal press, I put it in a high cupboard since the others were full – you know that smell of mouldy bread? Well that was in my nostrils for the whole week.

Left a washed load in the washing machine for four days forgetting I had put the machine on – subsequently wondering where my favourite jeans were for those four days.

Forgot to put petrol in my car and since distance calculations are not my forte I was panicking whether I would make it back from the shop on fumes – clearly I had more petrol than that in the car and the shop was just a five minute drive away in clear traffic.

Set my favourite show to record on the HD channel… we don’t have a subscription to the HD channels. Clicked play and sat for three whole minutes waiting for it to start despite the blank screen and message telling me to subscribe to the HD channels.

I’m now expecting Baby Brain to last forever.

I need help!

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28 thoughts on “Baby Brain Lasts Forever

  1. Baby brain is real, and it doesnt get that much better after baby! It sticks around, and for a while.. Reading your baby brain incidents made me feel slightly better than mine, not that I can really remember them of course 😉 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  2. I did a similar post on things that my sleep deprived brain has done. I put a brie away in the cupboard… However the one thing I would never be able to do would be to forget washing in the washing machine as I use it a hundred times a day! Thanks for linking to #chucklemums 😀

  3. heard someone we know put chicken to roast in the washing machine but I swear it wasn’t me. My OH must have baby brain as i’m always saying ‘ what did i just say?’ hmmm. It won’t last forever, soon you’ll have teenage brain 🙂 Jo #Chucklmums

  4. aww brilliant – LOVE the featured photo! Personally I love the idea of forgetting to get the chicken out of the freezer so we are dinner less – no cooking for me – takeout it is! This is going to be a sneaky new ploy of mine when I just don’y want to do it anymore! Thank you for the idea! #MarvMondays

  5. Defrosting is the hardest! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled how to defrost chicken in two hours #MarvMondays

  6. As soon as we birth our babies, they steal our brain cells! This did make me laugh I’m so forgetful too and I am incapable of listening. My mind often drifts off into a peaceful land where all i can hear is muffles. It’s wonderful. But I do end up saying “pardon” all day long. I like to think they steal our brain cells for their own uses #marvmondays

  7. It’s real! Baby brain is the reason I discovered what happens to boiled eggs when you forget you are boiling them. (In case you are wondering, they explode very loudly and make a mess of every surface in your kitchen including the ceiling, and they STINK!) Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  8. Baby brain is the strangest thing isn’t it? As are the hormones that stay with you long after giving birth… the hormones that makes you cry at the ‘smallest’ thing!

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