4 Things my Daughter Taught me this Weekend

This weekend has been the first real Summer weekend we’ve had as a family. The weather has only just picked up and because last year was full of house hunting, house moves (twice) and stress we’re only now feeling the benefit of real life and relaxing Summer days.

A has taught me a lot in such a few short days. She’s an incredible child, quick witted, independent and smart. If I follow her lead in life, I’ll go far I reckon. Just watching her this weekend has made me realise a lot about how I should feel as a person and a parent.

Over our four day weekend, we fit in a trip to the beach with the grandparents, a run around the park, gardening (discovered that A has the patience of a saint and not a two year old at the moment with the amount of gardening we did), a wander to a toy shop with daddy, football in the garden and a picnic.

In those few days, this is what I have learnt from her.

Be Proud of your Achievements

4 Things my Daughter Taught me this Weekend Parenting Blog

A is by far our greatest achievement. But neither B nor I give ourselves enough credit for the person she’s becoming. As working parents, she spends a good chunk of the day away from us in the loving and capable hands of B’s aunt. We often say how happy and intelligent she is allocating a lot of that praise on A’s Great Aunt. Rightly so. Great Aunt is a wonderful carer and educator and has looked after A since she was 5 months old. But we need to see how well we are doing raising this beautiful child and pat ourselves on the back. A is awesome. She’s becoming more independent and her personality shines. We had a hand in that!

Don’t Fear, Jump High

4 Things my Daughter Taught me this Weekend Parenting Blog

A is fearless. What 2 year old isn’t! As we get older we stop and restrict ourselves for taking risks, erring on the side of caution. Watching her and the games she plays, I realise that – within reason of course – I should break down my barriers and fears every so often and just jump, high as I can and bring the fear with me. Chances are that fear will get lost behind me the higher I jump.

Who Cares About the Mess

4 Things my Daughter Taught me this Weekend

The only thing I can say about this one is … good, clean fun never hurt anyone. I like order. I like my home to be clean. But somedays, who cares. Roll with it. It can always be cleaned up later. And yes that’s my blusher brush demolishing a chocolate cupcake!

Live for this Moment

4 Things my Daughter Taught me this Weekend Parenting Blog

Watching A play this weekend has made me realise how quickly she’s growing up. She’s taller, plays more and runs quicker. She’s funnier, has a mind of her own, and has far more energy than I do. I often feel like I missed out on a lot of her short life because I was so preoccupied with selling our old house, searching for our new home and then sorting that house for us to move into. All in her first year and a half. No more. I’m paying attention now A. I’m all yours and promise to make up for any time I lost with you. I promise to live in the now.

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