3 Things I Got Over as a Parent

Do you have a messy house? I’m trying not to have a house of mess but mess wins most of the time. I am an “everything in its place” person. Every book, every cup, every pillow must be placed the same way every time. I put it down to my natural instinct as a graphic designer where every text box, line and graphic must be set to the exact measurement. But I’ve learnt, and I’ve learnt quickly, that there are a lot of exceptions to the rule. Order will not prevail in a house with even one child.

We have a very specific style for our house and I’d quite like to keep it that way. Our style could perhaps be considered unique even a little bit odd but it’s more or less what we’ve become known for.

Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog
Our pride and joy – The Bride and Danzig by Brian Ewing
Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog
A small selection of our eclectic collection of fridge magnets. The taller A gets the higher up the fridge they go.
Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog
Meet Doris Zephyr, my mannequin who is the model for my Steampunk Jewellery which I sell on Etsy and our companion in the sitting room.
Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog
I’ve developed an obsession with Robots – Meet Ted and Sheppard made by PB Robots – www.pbretrobots.com

When we moved into our new house last year we gave ourselves two weeks to decorate the whole house to a standard that felt like home. In two weeks we painted and cleaned up the entire four bedroom house – a lot of greys and blacks to accent our sub culture style. We took care of any wear and tear issues and remodelled the kitchen. We unpacked every box and black sack. Yes, every single one. There were 63 boxes and 34 sacks. Ouch

All of the furniture was put in position and we set forth with the almighty task of assembling any new flat pack items we decided our new house needed. We set up A’s bedroom so she would be comfortable and happy to slide straight into her bedroom without any fuss – which she did. She’s an awesome kid that takes everything in her stride.

Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog
Getting my paint on – lots of black as you can see and yes that is Frankenstein’s Monster on the wall (print by Myke Hideous). One of our most prized possessions.

Two solid weeks of dust and paint and cardboard burns. We were exhausted. So as you can imagine we quite like our house and the way we have it. I’m one of those mothers who is forever running around clearing up the mess that trails behind A (and B, let’s face it, husbands need mothering too!) and putting anything she’s not using back in its place. I don’t particular mind mess or dirt, it can be cleaned (and boy do I like to clean! Hah) but lack of order and messy moments out of my control, frazzel my head.

So, the tree of parenthood hands you a branch and says “ok, heres the deal – hop on this branch and keep your sanity by keeping your head above the grass or stay down there and disappear in the mess and height of over grown unruly weeds.” So, if I was in any way overly obsessive I wouldn’t have jumped on that branch and kept my head out of the mess. The following situations would have me driven crazy by now if I allowed them to.

3 Things I Got Over As A Parent…

Dirty Messy Sticky Icky Clothes

I’ll admit I now tell A to wipe it in her top. I just can’t be doing with rooting out a million wipes to clean her hands every second of a meal or snack. So, she gets messy, her clothes look a state. Who cares, she’s a toddler, aren’t they supposed to be messy?

Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog
How innocent does she look in her cousins communion veil and a brand new crystal white summer top smothered in chocolate stains!

Frustrating Spilly Messy No Rules Play

Speaking of messy, I underestimate just how messy messy play can get. Last week I was attempting a new sensory play activity with A and was about to add paint to our rice activity. Thank God I didn’t because I was not prepared for tiny rice grains to shoot across the room and land in places I had no intention of cleaning that day. This activity resulted in me running around with a dust pan and coaxing A to help me put every grain back in the jar. Momma Bear can make any activity fun! Ok, so I haven’t gotten over this one but I’m learning to deal with it.

Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog
Oh what’s this, bright red scooper – let’s scoop! And yes she’s wearing my Christmas slipper socks in June 🙂
Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog
What if we tip it out here and start throwing it at the window? Sounds like fun, right Momma Bear?
Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog
Oh Dear God this is getting out of hand – where’s the dustpan before she picks the tray up and runs…

Food, glorious, homemade food, will burn, baby burn!

Yes, that is my home made banana bread (what mother doesn’t have their own banana bread recipe) burnt to a crisp – enough said.

And no, I haven’t actually gotten over this one either. It’s just an aspect of life that I have to deal with now. Oh you poor sweet freshly made chocolate, yes chocolate, sob, banana bread :'(

Mess 3 Things I Got Over As A Parent over Heaven's Hill Parenting blog

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34 thoughts on “3 Things I Got Over as a Parent

  1. Hey. I love how you write , and really enjoyed reading this post 😃 I am really into interiors, and used to be into perfection too!! before I had kids 😆 so can totally relate to this! I love all the cool stuff in your house and your little girl is SO cute! It’s nice to take a sneak peak into your life 😁 Queen Bee 💜

      1. Haha 😁😂 I like the idea of black walls actually! I might suggest it to my bloke 🙌 At the moment our home is light, airy and coastal, with some accents of club Tropicana, turquoise and coral and flamingo pink yay! 🙌😆 but why not introduce some black in one room, hmmmm, maybe 😋 Who doesn’t look adorable covered in chocolate lol 😂 Awesome, you sound like a fun Mum 🙌💖

          1. Haha 😆 The most stressful thing I’ve ever encountered in life is baking with my kids, then needing a glass of wine to fuel the clean up operation in the kitchen! 😆😂 I would like to post pics of my house but can’t really lose my anonymity-shame 😫 I have a magazine subscription to Living Etc, which I love, except I can’t afford any of the beautiful stuff in it, so I just salivate and drool instead 😁

  2. Your style is lovely, I love unique and black, but the hubby doesn’t so I go opposite and find the brightest patterned wallpaper I can find. Not adding the paint was a good idea, messy play is one thing I am trying to get over, kinetic Sand is the devil. Lovely sticky clothes, I’m in the boat of ‘just wipe it in your top’ too but the banana bread 😮 nope can’t get over that one, I might cry if I burnt my banana bread, so might the kids for that matter #KCACOLS

  3. haha – these made me smile. Our house is now full of plastic stuff, books and more clothes than they could actually wear. but yes for embracing the stickiness that comes with kids – and regretting ideas halfway through! sigh.

    1. I discreetly hide the plastic stuff and half torn books in boxes and underneath things out of viewpoint haha you should see my sitting room at the moment though – it’s practically the island of Sodor being invaded by paw patrol and ever after high dolls – every toy on the planet is on my floor! Good old Sunday mornings haha

  4. I love the look of your house!! It’s right up my street! I’m the same with everything having its place, I have two under two and the lack of order – toys EVERYWHERE is a nightmare 🙂


  5. 2 weeks decorated and unpacked! I am impressed! And I love the grays! Such a great post, it’s amazing just how messy kids can be and I think you are absolutely right to just it go for a bit. Loved reading this! #KCACOLS

  6. Love your house style, it’s pretty amazing! Love this post, I think you certainly do have to let somethings go a bit. For your sanity, of course. I fall apart a bit inside when my children get new clothes messy. Kids are going to get messy, so I have to let it slide, but when the new converse get mud stains on after one use I cry a little inside! haha

  7. There comes a time when one needs to just take a deep breath and let go of cleanliness and order. That moment is on returning from hospital with the baby. Farewell to clean and tidy homes. Hello chaos.

  8. Oh, the mess!!! As my son gets older, I think I get more comfortable with this. But, oy, it can truly be exhausting. The sticky fingers, and slobbery faces-oh, so messy!
    I really do love your style though-beautiful home <3 #KCACOLS

  9. I want to come and nosey around your house, whether its messy, smells of burnt banana bread or has sticky kids in it! I love some of the things I can see in the house! Love the SIlver Surfer framed print and some of the other wall art! Brill! #KCACOLS

  10. Looks lovely – and I could have told you rice was a *terrible* idea, I have very similar photos on my blog from a few weeks back. I can’t let it go, I try so hard… But the mess makes me itch! Thanks for linking to #chucklemums 🙂

  11. haha! This did have me chuckling. I have pretty much given up tidying up my house. I cant bear to watch all my efforts go to waste within about 6 seconds of me tidying somewhere. Yes that means my house is much messier than I would like, but they will grow up soon, hopefully then my house will remain tidy for 12 seconds….we can hope! Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS we hope you come back again on Sunday xx

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