Modern Wedding Ideas That Break the Old Fashioned Mould

A wedding is an exciting and daunting time. There’s countless planning involved and there are far too many considerations to keep in mind. Everyone wants a perfect wedding, but few people can achieve it especially when you factor in limitations such as money, time and also what’s physically possible in the time you set.

However, that’s only true if you think about weddings in the most traditional sense. A church wedding, plenty of flowers, a fancy meal and the regular entertainment can be expensive and time-consuming. However, as society moves on and people start breaking away from traditions, more and more people are customizing their weddings and getting rid of that classic and traditional wedding mould.

Of course, there are many couples that love the idea of having a fairytale wedding, but there’s a couple of reasons why you should consider a “modern” wedding instead.

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Why Break From the Mould?

So you might be thinking; why? Why go through the effort of breaking away from the classic wedding mould that so many planners offer, and why do something different? It’s not just for the sake of being different, and here’s a couple of reasons why:

  • Weddings are designed around you – Most people go with traditional weddings because they feel comfortable with it. It’s what their friends want, it’s what they see on TV and it’s what wedding planners suggest. However, at the end of the day, a wedding should be special to you and it needs to create wonderful memories that stick with you and your partner for the rest of your lives. As such, don’t follow in someone else’s footsteps–walk your own path and plan a wedding that you personally feel connected to.
  • It’s easier to plan – When you hire a wedding planner for a traditional wedding, they’ll typically give you a couple of choices but most of it will already be planned out and ready for you. You’re essentially going to fit into a mould and there’s not much customization at all because you’re aiming for tradition. As such, it’s difficult to plan and there will be certain aspects you won’t have a say in. A modern wedding is much easier to plan for because you get more control and you don’t need to follow a “traditional” theme.

These are just a couple of reasons on why you should break the mould, but let’s go into further detail by offering a couple of fantastic ideas that can make your wedding even more memorable and special than you could imagine.

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Make It About You and Your Partner’s Interests

Not everyone is into fairytale weddings. Some people would love to have their wedding on a sunny beach and some might prefer having a geeky Star Wars-themed wedding. Whatever ideas come to your head first, try and expand on them and fit your interests around them. There’s a good chance that you and your partner have some kind of interest connection or bond. In fact, your friends and family members might also be a part of that circle as well.

For instance, there are plenty of geeky wedding ideas. Everything from themed invitation cards to hosting the wedding in an iconic movie location can be achieved with the right amount of planning. If you and your partner met through a club, interest or hobby, then there’s a good chance that some of your friends will also be a part of those interests and they can appreciate the theme as well. For those that don’t quite understand the theme of your wedding or the references, it will still be memorable for them because it was so out of the ordinary and different.

If you want a special wedding, then change the theme and make it about you and your partner, not a traditional mould that you’ve been told to fit into.

Add Unique Forms of Entertainment, Not Boring Old Ones

What are some of the most common forms of entertainment you see at a wedding? Lawn games? Dancing?

While they’re great forms of entertainment, you can do much better by playing around with different ideas. For instance, why not consider hiring a band instead of just playing music through speakers? Take a look at this service at to help you find wedding bands in your area. You can speak with them and ask for samples of their music, and they might even know (or be willing to learn) music that you and your partner find special or nostalgic. Bands are more interactive than just a speaker system playing music and your guests will have fun engaging them and chatting.

You could also think about forms of entertainment that are related to the interests of your and your partner. For instance, if you both love video games, then why not have a dedicated section in your venue that is used as a “gaming room”. The kids and teenagers will love it, and it will give adults and seniors a chance to unwind, relax and reminisce about the video games they used to play. You can also mix cultural forms of entertainment, such as playing mahjong if there are Asian guests or trying out some Russian wedding traditions.


Weddings are meant to be memorable, so why fit yourself into a traditional mould that you and your partner might not enjoy? Play around with ideas and make it about you, not a fairytale. While old-fashioned marriage is beautiful in its own way, there are plenty of other ideas to consider especially if you want a more modern-style wedding that is closer to your interests, easier to plan and ultimately a lot cheaper to budget for.

2 thoughts on “Modern Wedding Ideas That Break the Old Fashioned Mould

  • July 16, 2018 at 2:41 am

    Thank you for this modern ideas! been looking for ideas and pegs on what to do on our wedding this coming fall

  • December 8, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Great read and thank you for sharing them. And also, since we are talking about modern now, photography is one of the things as well to consider when planning for a wedding. Definitely to cherish the moments and to look back on the old days. Awesome blog by the way! 🙂


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