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We’ve moved to a beautiful new home here at this fancy new address. We’d sure love if you stopped by, heck hang around for as long as you’d like! Over Heaven’s Hill – becoming the new me through parenting – an Irish Parenting Blog


Irish parenting blog over Heaven's Hill

Our new home is warm, vibrant and beautifully decorated. There’s plenty of room and lots to talk about. So come on over. Sure, we’ll pop the kettle on while we wait for you. And I’m sure B will make a few ham and cheese sandwiches.

I’d hate to miss you when you arrive so Please Remember to Subscribe to Over Heaven’s Hill to receive all new blog posts otherwise we won’t be able to talk to you! And remember to acknowledge your subscription in your email so we can reach you just like before.

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And a reminder of who I am

I’m Geraldine. A Medical Librarian by trade, a Writer and Crafter by nature, a Graphic Designer by chance, an all round SciFi nerd and lover of robots and Steampunk. But most of all I am a wife and a mother, and blissfully happy with my lot.

I live in the Irish countryside with my husband of 10 years, B, and our 2 year old daughter, A.

Being a mother has changed me and my perspective on life. I’m becoming someone I didn’t know I could be and while I’m enjoying the journey, I’m slightly terrified too.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my blogging journey with Over Heaven’s Hill and would love for you to join me.

Thank you to all you wonderful followers and bloggers who have read, shared and commented on my blog. I hope you’ll join me in my new home.

Over Heaven’s Hill – an Irish Parenting Blog 

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