Easter Egg Hunt at Luggwoods

We’re fairly new to the element of making Easter special for our kids. We’re not particularly Easter Bunny people but we love a good Easter Egg Hunt. It’s something Little Miss really took to last year and she has routine hunts in the house at any time of the year using her Tsum Tsum characters and Easter bucket from 2015! Making memories and creating traditions is where we are in our parenting life and Easter has memory making opportunities galore! This year to make it special we were chuffed to be invited to check out the new Easter Egg Hunt At Luggwoods  (which in my opinion is probably one of the most magical places!)


We fell in love with Luggwoods when we met the man in a red suit in December (you’ll note I didn’t use the C word in March –  you’re welcome!) Set in a beautiful forest with one of the most spectacular views of Dublin, Luggwoods has a truly magical appeal to it. Add to the fact that everyone at Luggwoods genuinely enjoys and loves what they do, every event here is sprinkled with a little bit of magic and mystery.

This year is the very first year that Luggwoods have introduced an Easter Egg Hunt to their special events and it was once again a truly adorable event.

We decided to keep it a secret from Little Miss and simply told her we were going somewhere special. The 30 minute drive was filled with plenty of questions from her as Little Bean took a power nap (to Momma and Papa Bears relieved delight). As we pulled up to the long, sweeping, stoney driveway her whole face lit up. “I know this place!” she shouted from the back seat and her excitement spilled out. She couldn’t get out of the car quick enough and when we told her why we where there, she practically pushed us down to the meeting point for the Luggwoods Express. Strapping Little Bean to my chest and making sure she was snug, we went on our Easter adventure.

Luggwoods Easter egg hunt

Little Miss was quite eager to get going and almost left us behind as she made her way to the train with the Queen of Hearts. We found our seats and got ourselves ready for a  bumpy ride on the “best train ever” according to A who had a blast checking out the special message the Easter Bunny had left the boys and girls dotted throughout the forest.

Halfway up the mountain we left the train and made our way through the beautiful forest and found the Easter eggs for the Easter bunny who was waiting for us at the Big Red Luggwoods Barn.

Little Miss really got into the swing of things and followed Alice in Wonderland throughout the forest. She was desperately nervous that the train would go without the Queen of Hearts and insisted our tractor driver wait for her as she rallied the rest of the boys and girls who had gathered all the eggs. And soon the Big Red Barn loomed in front of the scenic view of the city.

The Big Red Barn

The one thing I love about Luggwoods is how amazingly beautiful they decorate and stage the barn. For Easter, the theme was the Mad Hatters Tea Party and what’s a tea party without the Mad Batter himself. We were welcomed by him to the Barn where we were told the Easter Bunny was resting in his house.

We met some cute bunnies and chicks and learned the magic dance to find our way through the barn. Going to Luggwoods, is more than a day out for our kids. Heading into the forest and making our way to the barn with interesting and quirky characters, we’re told a story. We’re given a memory. We’re brought on an adventure. From dancing with the Easter Bunny to learning about the forest, Luggwoods builds a sense of mystery, intrigue, joy and excitement for the little ones. When we take our kids to these kinds of events, I imagine what it’s like for little miss and picture everything through her eyes. How tall the trees are. How big the barn is. How funny the characters are. Luggwoods is an adventure, every single time.

And So Our Verdict

Luggwoods is one of those places that has a special place in the hearts of kids (and me, if I’m honest). Luggwoods have a way of creating long lasting, beautiful memories. The entire forest and Big Red Barn are staged to perfection with expert artwork, staging and decoration. The Mad Hatter, Alice, the Queen of Hearts and of course the Easter Bunny are fantastic and wonderfully theatrical, putting so much effort into what they do. The attention given to the kids is fantastic and there is not a moment when you are left standing around thinking what’s next, what will we do, where will we go?

The event lasted about an hour with a constant stream of movement and something for the kids to do.

Child tickets are €12.00 and Adult tickets are €8, with children under one year free (bear in mind no buggies or prams are allowed since one, you’re getting on to a tractor drawn carriage and two, you’ll be wandering through the beautiful forest.) There are also discounts available for family tickets. In my opinion, the ticket price is worth it for the memories it will give you and your kids. It is well organised, staged and run very well. 

Tickets sell out quite quickly so don’t wait around if this is somewhere you really want to go. Also, it’s advised to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your selected train time to avoid delays. 

Any questions about Luggwoods, please do let me know. And if you decide to go yourself, I’d love to hear your experience!

*Disclaimer: We were invited to the opening of the Easter Egg Hunt at Luggwoods. We were not asked for a review of any kind but I absolutely had to tell you all about it. All opinions are wholeheartedly my own with a few opinions from Little Miss thrown in.*

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