Geeks Raising Geeks

Geeks. Nerds. I wasn’t too sure how to title this post because the words geek and nerd have never sat right with me. B would say that he’s a geek and I’m a nerd. But I don’t think that’s accurate. He would say that I’m the bookish one who craves to learn coding and take over the world with my whizzkid, hyper intelligent, super hacking mind. He’s not wrong. That would be damn awesome. And of course, he’s the collector with an insatiable appetite to gather anything obscure, unusual and interesting with the words game, retro, Japan or comics tacked to it. But when you put us together, our nerdish, geekish tendencies lean towards anything that is counter culture, anything odd or obscure. Vintage movie posters, robots, underground comics, tarot cards and punk art. This is what our kids are being raised up in. So far they love it! Not that they have a choice!

A large and imposing art poster looms over our sitting room. Watching our every movement is Frank. A has known Frank her whole life and has never been daunted by his unassuming and obscure presence in our home. He’s literally apart of the furniture but there hangs Frankensteins Monster flanked by Final Fantasy prints of Shinra and Midgar. And punk art to finalise our black wall. Yes, we’re insane to have painted the darkest room in our house black and grey, but we did. I’m itching to add to this wall and fill in the spaces. All in good time my dear.

You won’t find harbour scenes or a plethora of family portraits adoring our walls. In our house, we have vintage movie posters, postcards portraying old comic book covers and some sporadic KISS memorabilia.

Geeks raising geeks

We pride ourselves on our odd and quirky style mingled in amongst the kids Ikea tent and boxes of toys nestled under the Ikea Kallax shelves. Of course these shelves have been raised on metal rod pins and decorated with black and white comic book vinyl. As you do.

Our kids have only known this unusual and off the cuff style. And it’s somewhat filtering into their lives. Ok, A’s life because the baby doesn’t have too much of a style yet. Unless you consider eating everything and anything under the sun a style!

In probably one of our worst parenting moves, A has become a collector just like us. Except at four years old her collecting is quite annoying and full of junk cute and innocent. She has mountains of pez dispensers and no pez sweets. A mega tonne – because that’s the only unit of measurement that’s suitable – of Shopkins (with the point of them being?) and dolls. How many dolls does one kid need!? Regardless, she has Barbie dolls, Monster High dolls, Ever After High dolls (no, they’re not the same thing… apparently), Equestria Girl dolls (yes that’s a real word… apparently), Lottie dolls and that damn annoying singing Elsa doll.

And no, collecting dolls does not make her a geek but it does make her a collector and collectors tend to have addictive personalities leading to more and more collections. You just have to look at our house to see that.

Geeks raising geeks

But her tastes, for a four year old, are mighty obscure. I blame her dad. I really do. But in a good way. At four she is a Star Trek fan. She’s an insane KISS fan who can belt out loud any KISS song with pride … and accuracy. Batman is her favourite and she is Wonder Woman (she really is).

He’s on his way to coaching her into being a world famous gamer. He lost out with me and just about got me to play Final Fantasy X. Knowing his love of the strategy game, Final Fantasy XV, he’ll have his way and be helping her with the twentieth edition before she’s ten. And if I have my way she will be that hyper intelligent coder who can easily get an old console working. Praise be for all things retro.

And retro is definitely one word to describe little miss. She’s a Danger Mouse fan, a lover of Tetris and even has the Eric Morecambe glasses twitch “Rubbish” perfected. She has her own set of tarot cards and her play kitchen is where she stores her poker set and chess set.

Geeks raising geeks
See! I told you 🙂

Admittedly, most of her little quirks are down to us shoving these things at her showing her these interesting and different things. But she likes what she likes. It just so happens that her geek parents have a mountain of odd art, books about Star Trek and comic books lying about the house. Our style is different than most homes because it’s what we like. It’s hard for our interests not to rub off on her.

We are definitely Geeks Raising Geeks and I can’t wait to see what interests Little Bean will have too.

But at the end of the day, while A may be quietly and subconsciously turning into a geek she has her own mind. She is the one who chose Scooby Doo and it looks like Fred and Daphne will be her best friends for a long time.

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