20 Weeks Halfway There

When I became pregnant, I decided I didn’t want to put updates on the blog at 12, 16, 20 weeks and so on. I imagine no one is particularly interested in reading how I’m getting on with this pregnancy on a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly basis. And if you are interested, you can hop over to my post Why I Hate Being Pregnant to see how awesome it is in all its utter nauseating glory. Why I Hate Being Pregnant pretty much sums it all up! Besides that, our pregnancy announcement became a little obscured with the issues I had in November, so I’ve been tentative about writing too much about my pregnancy. We’re now halfway there, at 20 weeks, and had the Big Scan last Tuesday. It’s an important and exciting day in any pregnancy because we get to see our baby as close up as possible and in detail for the first time. I’ve had five scans in total this pregnancy since they were keeping a close eye on us, but the Big Scan really allows you to say hello to your impending arrival. And, yep, we found out the sex!

Gender Reveal Pregnancy Announcement
Say Hello to Little Bean 🙂 Due May 2017

The 20 week anomaly scan is known colloquially as the Big Scan, primarily because you see every detail of the baby. Generally, the scan can take about twenty minutes. That’s twenty minutes for Momma and Papa Bear to soak up the reality of their little one. The purpose of the scan is to rule out any anomalies. The heart, brain, spine, limbs and other organs are all checked in detail. You see the heart pumping away as the ultrasonographer checks to see if everything is working as it should be. The kidneys are checked, measurements are taken and the position of the placenta is monitored. While being an exciting moment, seeing your baby in detail, it’s also nervewracking in case any anomalies are found.

We are very lucky that Little Bean, who is now the shape of a Banana as the body has finally stretched out… hence those wonderful kicks I’m feeling, is perfectly fine and healthy. If the little one is cooperating at the 20 week scan, the ultransonographer may be able to tell you the sex.

Finding out whether we are having a boy or a girl has always been a big yes for us. After all, how am I supposed to decorate without knowing and you know me, everything has to be in its place and organised! Well, my lovelies, B and I are super happy to say that it’s a girl! We are absolutely delighted to be having a little sister for A. She has explicitly told us that she doesn’t want a brother and wants a little sister instead so we are more than happy to oblige 🙂

It's a Girl Pregnancy Announcement Gender Reveal

I’ll admit, after the scan and a lovely rare one on one lunch with B, I was absolutely exhausted on Tuesday. We picked A up from her childminders and drove home. Half an hour later, I collapsed into bed for a long late afternoon nap which made me feel worse than ever!

Pregnancy is exhausting!

20 weeks to go!

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