Husbands Say the Funniest Things

I mentioned before how B is a ridiculously funny man. He has a sense of humor that matches the quick witted ramblings of Sean Lock and Lee Mack, except I think he’s funnier. No really he is. I know everyone thinks their husband or partner or dog is funny. Humor is of course one of the top traits a woman looks for in a man, so if he’s not funny, then dear God, throw him back.

But B has always had an odd humor that simply leaves you thinking, “What the frick did he just say?”  or “Where the hell did he come up with that?”, and then it hits and you realise, damn that’s clever and stupidly hilarious. You’re left snickering away while he concocts his next one liner to slap you round the head with again. Sounds painful. In fact, there’s been plenty of “Ah stop, me ribs are killin me” moments… FYI the Irish comes out when you’re doubled over in laughter. He gets mildly (and by mildly I mean irate) when a joke he came up with and threw out there a month or two ago, is repeated on a British panel show. “That’s mine”. Alright, funny man.

By mine he means that he isn’t a stand up, isn’t touring, has no copyright, is unpublished and I was probably the only one who heard the original joke. But the thought process swam out of his brain first… or at the same time as this comedian who is equally absurdly comical, so that’s a kudos in my books as the audience laugh and applaud a funny that my husband thought of first.

I’ve been trying to think of examples of his ridiculous hilarity, but of course Baby Brain has kicked in and I can literally only think of one which he said the other day.

Me: Mam and Dad have invited us up for dinner next week.

B: That’s grand but courgettes?

Me: Courgettes? What’s wrong with courgettes?

B: They’re horrible. Your Dad puts them in everything. I actually think your Dad is ohhh maybe 47, no 48% courgette.

Yes, he referred to my Dad as being 48% courgette. Now every time I see or think of my Dad, I picture him with two ripe courgette legs. Thanks B. Funny man.

Between the humor, the serious chats about life and the singing punk rock with A, B also has his moments of gushing romantic soliloquies that make my heart shudder … ah no, he doesn’t, sorry, what B does is create unusual, cryptic and oddly beautiful ways to compliment me and show that he loves me.

Today’s accolade and burst of love is the following:

I see myself as a claymore and you made me sharper by chipping away my rough edges. You are an elegant fleuret.


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31 thoughts on “Husbands Say the Funniest Things

  1. My husband is also funny he just doesn’t mean to be! As for the romance, well he once called me portly as he thought it was a term of endearment, after all it’s what we would say to the dog! This is what I’m dealing with. #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. That’s lovely Geraldine , it’s so important to be able to laugh together isn’t it ? Me and my husband are often doubled over , legs crossed laughing – not sure my pelvic floor is up to it to be honest !

  3. This is such a lovely post. How lovely that your husband makes you laugh. I do believe this is the secret to a happy marriage – Father also cracks Mother up with his spot-on impressions of her! A challenge that you now see your dad as a courgette tho…;) x #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. Ha! Yeah, my first hubby DID NOT make me laugh, so I took your advice and kicked him to the curb 😉 I made the right decision with my 2nd and he constantly has me ROFL-ing. I love his elevator and escalator impression behind the kitchen island, and recently, when I heard the Boaty-Mc-Boat-Face gag on the news I immediately asked if he was responsible because he’s constantly calling family members ‘snotty-mc-snot-face’ or grumpy-mc-grump-face’ – How did they get his joke!?
    I’m happy you’ve got yourself a ‘funny-one’, he’s a keeper 😉 #fortheloveofBLOG

  5. Nothing like a good bit of hubby humour- although with mine, I find he knicks my lines, forgets that it was me who said it in the first place and then proceeds to tell my joke as if it’s his. And then we have the ‘Ross and Chandler’ that’s my joke debate! Haha 🙂 #fortheloveofBLOG

  6. Aw, Humour is sooooo important, Geraldine. Yep, I’ve got a funny one too and just like you a can’t remember any of his jokes but we do have such a laugh together. #FortheloveofBlog

  7. I love this, and I love a courgette too! It’s great to have a husband that makes you laugh, and one you can have banter with throughout the day. I think when you’ve had a stressful day at work or at home, it’s light relief for the husband to come home, and make you giggle. A lovely cheerful post to read. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  8. Awww this is so sweet. It’s lovely that you appreciate your husband’s humour. I love his comment about your dad. lol I love courgettes but I’m the only fan in my house so I don’t make them that often. #MG

  9. haha! I do love a funny guy.. my husbands the same, although he has this weird habit of telling me a lie about something that I wouldn’t know the truth too and thinks its hilarious that I believe him, but why wouldn’t I? I didn’t know the truth to begin with.. lol
    for example:
    we were at a festival the other day and this band came on, and he said “this bands really good, these are all their original songs.. they’re good aren’t they?” me: “oh really? yea, really good” Him *laughing at himself* because they aren’t the bands original songs and I believed him… why wouldn’t I?! I don’t know they are the bands original bloody songs lol – he is a div sometimes *rolls eyes* cute post! #mg

  10. Hehe! That’s really funny. Courgette legs… a priceless thought. He sounds like a really fun person to be around and it’s so nice that you wrote a little post in his honour 🙂 #mg

  11. It’s so true we need humour in our lives so all the better if our man can deliver! Yours sounds like loads of fun to hang out with! Thanks for linking up #mg and I love the photo of the 2 of you, super cute!

  12. Ah it is nice that you appreciate your other half’s humour, he sounds like a real giggle. My husband is full of corny jokes that only he remembers from his childhood, sometimes he uses them out of context and that is very funny! Humour is so very important. I love the pictures – they are great xx #mg

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