Bonding With AmaWrap

Lately, my anxiety levels have lessened. Since accepting that I’m suffering from either postnatal depression or anxiety or both since the birth of D – or if I’m honest a little before that – I’ve uncovered a few coping mechanisms that have truly helped. One being, baby wearing. I have recently been using an AmaWrap baby sling and I didn’t realise, but baby wearing has been pivotal in helping me cope with anxiety. Let me tell you how.

Babywearing – A Bonding Experience

I probably don’t have to remind you but during my pregnancy, I was very unprepared for Little Beans arrival and failed to bond with the bump. This created an anxiety in me about whether or not I’d bond with the baby once she was born. I was more unprepared, however, for the overwhelming and intense connection I felt with D the very moment she was born in comparison to A. With A after an emergency C Section it took me a little longer to connect.

Bonding with AmaWrap

My connection to D has been so strong that at times when my anxiety is so intense, being alone with D is the one thing that helps balance me. My mum has commented on how good I am with D, how my natural instincts have taken over and how I’ve completely relaxed into caring for a baby again. I find D to be a very easy baby and I’ve taken all of the hardships of the first year, like night feeds, lack of sleep, a crying baby and being overwhelmed by the responsibility of a newborn, in my stride. Despite being in control of the baby days, I’ve developed an anxiety which takes over multiple times a day. Being with D calms all of that down to an extent because I feel in control of her little life while everything else around me is unpredictable, quick and loud causing panic and anxiety attacks that can leave me floored.

But as I’ve said, I’ve learnt to control the attacks and they have lessened over the weeks. Wearing D close to my heart has been a saving grace.

Babywearing Rookie

I’m a Rookie when it comes to Babywearing having never tried it with A but I knew this time around I wanted to. I didn’t realise how much I would need to though. Wearing D as we go for walks in the park, while doing the weekly food shop or even around the house has been simply amazing. I hate that I missed out on this experience with A.

I’ll admit it took me a while to figure out how to safely and comfortably wear D but once I got the hang of it – which really isn’t that difficult to be honest – I fell in love with it. Every chance I get now I wear D. I have an amazing pram which I love, but I will choose my wrap over wheeling D in her swish pram any day.

I primarily use the AmaWrap which was sent to me and I love it. It is so comfortable to use for both me and D. The fabric is beautifully soft and stretches perfectly to comfortably wrap around me and D. After watching the AmaWrap Video Tutorial about 36 times, I managed to securely and happily wear D and she beautifully hugged me the entire time. I haven’t looked back since. She is now big enough to have her little legs poking out the bottom of the wrap which means I get to hold and tickle her cute toes as we stroll around.

Bonding with AmaWrap

AmaWrap bonding

Who Are AmaWrap?

The owner of AmaWrap, Shabs Kwofie, has written a beautiful introduction to why she created AmaWrap. I read her reasoning behind starting the company when they contacted me for a review and every word she wrote, I felt. I was still pregnant with D at the time but I remembered the intense feelings post c section which Shabs describes and knew I loved the ethos behind this company.

What I didn’t expect is how it changed my life.

All the time when she had been in the pram she could have been snuggled against me? It finally allowed me to feel a bond that I didn’t even realise had been lacking due to the trauma of the first few weeks. Up until then I had simply been trying to survive as anybody with twenty five stitches from hip to hip would – it was all about pain management. But now – for the first time, I felt like a mummy. How could a simple piece of cloth have helped my state of mind so much? Well I could tell you now, but at that point I had no idea about oxytocin, the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, all I knew was this: When you look down and see that your baby has fallen asleep on your chest, you feel the most amazing sense of peace. – Shabs Kwofie

With baby wearing there are so many benefits. Many of these AmaWrap share with us on their website. They also mention the benefit that I enjoy mostly and that is the psychological affect this close bonding has had on me, the mother. The connection I feel, holding my baby so close to me has helped my mental state in more ways than you can imagine. On top of that the AmaWrap will literally become your best friend for its convenience.

  • Ergonomic – comfortable for parent and gives the best hip position for baby as stated by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute

  • Breathable 100% natural cotton

  • The sling is easy to wrap and pop baby in

  • Easier than negotiating a buggy on public transport!

  • Compact, and one size fits all

  • Beneficial for colic & reflux babies

Should You BabyWear

If you are debating whether or not to wear your baby, all I can simply say is try it. Of course, it’s not for everyone but before you discount the idea, consider the benefits. Holding your baby close to your heart, breathing in their sweet scent, feeling their soft downy hair against your chin, and listening to their gentle coos is an experience you will never tire of. Feeling their little legs and arms hug you tight and watching them sleep on your chest is pure beauty.

For me, the convenience of wearing your baby is paramount. Because of the AmaWrap, I have been able to stay close to D while being there for A. I have been able to teach A to ride her bike while wearing D. We have painted countless masks and decorated birthday cards with D safely holding on to me. I have had both of my girls close to me at a time when I needed them most. Connecting with my children has eased my anxiety as my life with them has taken precedent over by anxiety which I graciously push away in favour of being there with my daughters.

I am so thankful to AmaWrap for opening up the idea and the ability for me to comfortably and confidently wear D.

I personally recommend the award winning AmaWrap for their beautiful baby slings which come in a variety of colours. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your wrap which also comes with a clever bag to store and carry your wrap with you!

*This is a collaborative post. I received an AmaWrap baby sling for review. All opinions are wholeheartedly and honestly mine.*

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