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If you were watching my Insta Stories this weekend you’ll know we were at Dublin Comic Con despite the insanely bitter cold. Dublin Comic Con started back in 2013 and Little Miss was bundled up in my belly when we went to that very first convention. It was a start up convention with a few big names wrangled for that very first event. Since then it has sky rocketed to being Irelands best comic convention and is referred to as Irelands largest Family and Pop Culture Event. We have been going almost every year. Last year we started bringing Little Miss with us and this year she was counting the days down to the Spring Edition. Here’s how we got on.

*** I was provided with a Free Press Pass for DCC Spring Edition ***

Dublin comic con

First of all, Dublin Comic Con, now hold two events: A Spring Edition in March and a Summer Edition in August. The only real difference between the two is the crowds. We decided to check out the Spring Edition this year considering Little Miss was coming with us again, and the crowds were a little overwhelming for her last year in August.

While there were a few things missing in comparison to the Summer Edition, the Spring Edition was still a fab experience! Although we did miss the Lego Brick Club Zone. We didnt miss the long queue to get into the centre but the queue, no matter how long, moves quickly and efficiently. DCC along with the Convention Centre is a well run operation.

Little Miss once again wanted to cosplay and this time went as Harley Quinn, mostly because she loved her hair and jacket! She looked the part and happily strutted her stuff as other cosplayers waved and smiled at her.

Dublin comic con

Comic Con can be divided into a few sections:

Firstly, there are the stalls where you can find those comic books and memorabilia you always wanted. Prices are rarely dropped for the event so bring enough moola to cover your comic addiction.

Then there is Artists Alley which is my personal favourite since finding new art work for our walls is usually my main reason to go to Comic Con.

Then there are the interactive sets such as Jurassic Park, the Delorean, and Harry Potter, for photo opps and the staff dressed up in some incredible costumes.

There is a gaming section with retro games which Papa Bear loves to introduce Little Miss to.

Panel sessions have been the one thing we’ve missed out on since bringing Little Miss since her attention span won’t sit through a panel unfortunately. But they are definitely worth checking out if you can.

And finally, the famous people! James Masters aka Spike from Buffy and Jonathan Frakes aka Commander Riker from Star Trek TNG being the two names I was on the look out for. The queues are often long so not always ideal with kids but if you queue up first thing then you’re sorted to wander for the rest of the day. Meeting our idols is always top of our list.

There is plenty more!

Running over a weekend, you have the option of going on the Saturday or Sunday with it being in the convenient location of the Dublin Convention Centre, accessible via luas or bus.

We know we’re going to spend a fair few bob at Comic Con since we like to collect memorabilia and artwork. I tend to get sucked into Artists Alley. Little Miss follows suit and falls in love with everything.

Dublin comic con

There are plenty of things to see and do for both adults and kids. There are also rest areas on the upper floors and food kiosks if you don’t fancy venturing out to Milanos or Rockets which are both a minute down the road.

Why bring kids to a crowded event such as this?

The experience of Dublin Comic Con is like no other. There is a buzz and an atmosphere which we have always loved, with younger generations mixing with older generations and sharing the same passions. It’s a day out to be remembered.

Obviously, judge for yourself whether your little one will manage the crowds, the walking, and the overall overwhelm of it all. Little Miss was four when she went to her first comic con and no doubt we’ll have to mark it on the calendar every year for her.

Why Spring and not Summer?

To be honest, I prefer the Summer edition. It seems that there is more to do, more to see and more to experience. They obviously expect a bigger crowd and so have more interactive sets, more stalls and more for the younger kids. But in saying that, you may chose which event to go to based on the guests which are top picks for any time of the year. Or hey, go to both!

Have you brought kids to a Comic Con? How old were they and did they enjoy it?

Dublin comic con

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