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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Obeo Waste Boxes

When we lived in my parents house for the four months in between houses I was given an education by my folks on how easy it is to recycle. They are avid recyclers and have a significantly lower waste output than we do. We were never terrible when it came to recycling but clearly we could have been better. Especially when it came to food waste. I’ll be honest, we gave up on our brown bin a long time ago for the usual icky, gross and smelly reasons. When we moved into our house we brought my parents’ recycling gene with us and improved quite a lot. Except when it came to the brown bin.

Obeo Food Waste BoxesThat’s why I was pretty interested when Obeo contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out their food waste boxes specifically designed for recycling kitchen waste. I was fairly intrigued because I didn’t think there was much could be done for the bad odours and bin juices that come hand in hand with discarding our food waste. Happily, Obeo have proved me wrong and even better, they’ve encouraged me to be greener! If you haven’t heard of Obeo, or seen these boxes in the supermarket aisles then read on. And I have a 3 month supply of boxes to giveaway to one of you 🙂

Obeo is an Irish owned business, set up by two women, Kate and Liz, who were looking for a way to combat the problems many households have when recycling their kitchen waste.

How does it work?

The Obeo boxes are actually quite clever. They are sturdy brown boxes which don’t take up a huge amount of space on your worktop. They are designed to fit in and around your cooking space, which lets face can be minimal, when your toddler is floating around piling toys on the countertop as you cut carrots.

The idea is that once the box is full you can easily pick it up with no spillage and pop it into your brown bin. Easy right? Even for me! Well yes, it really is that simple… and clean. The box is really strong, doesn’t leak and most importantly doesn’t smell – Which I’ll admit has always been the biggest turn off for me when disposing of kitchen scraps and leftovers.

One of the biggest bonuses of these waste boxes is that you put them straight into your bin without any spillage, meaning your brown bin stays clean and odour free, and your household kitchen bin avoids the usual gunk that inevitably gets stuck to the lid. The waste food is well contained in the Obeo box, which can be closed while on the countertop.

Why use Obeo Fod Waste Boxes?

When I started writing this review, I kept coming up with more reasons as to why these boxes are a good idea. At first I thought it was simply a good way of keeping your bin clean. Lord knows we have had our fair share of gagging moments when changing a bin liner. This was my main reason to give Obeo a try. But it turns out, that is simply one reason and also now not the biggest reason for me to go out and stock up on these boxes. So, how does Obeo benefit you, apart from nasty kitchen and bin smells?

  • When you’re recycling more, you’re saving money on bin charges. Happy Days!
  • The boxes are a great way to start composting in a clean and efficient manner since the boxes themselves are compostable. Remember the golden rules of home composting though, no cooked foods, meat or dairy in your home compost bin. Otherwise you may attract a few unwanted guests. 
  • Obeo helps the environment by preventing food waste going to landfill and reducing greenhouse gases.
  • The food boxes help prevent fruit flies! Oh I sighed in relief when I heard this one. I hate fruit flies and we were plagued with them last year.

For me, the best by-product of the Obeo food waste boxes, however, was that they made me more aware of our food waste. Half a loaf of bread going mouldy, a couple of black bananas that failed to make their way into a banana bread, or almost a whole plate of uneaten dinners lobbed into the box. Obeo has made me more mindful of portion control and using left over foods instead of throwing them away.

I’m quite impressed with myself really 🙂

Having the Obeo box on the counter top has made me more alert to our eating habits and happily it hasn’t felt like a chore to recycle or reuse.

What can I put in the Obeo Boxes?

Pretty much any food waste can be thrown into the box once it’s going into your brown bin. Also items such as paper towels and coffee filter papers can be recycled here. For the uninitiated… in other words, people like me… Obeo tells you on the back of the box what is compostable and can therefore go into the box, alternatively you can check out their website for more info.

How much are they and where can I get them?

Obeo can be picked up on your next big shop in Dunnes or Supervalu. They can also be purchased from the Obeo website.

For a three month subscription directly from Obeo, which is a supply of thirty boxes, you pay €22 with free shipping.

One box can last 2 to 3 days. For us, it lasted three days during the work week and one day at the weekend. It all depends on much waste you are gathering.

All in all

Obeo Food Waste Boxes

Win a 3 month supply of Obeo Food Waste Boxes

Like to try Obeo out for yourself? Simply comment on this blog post, on twitter or facebook to be entered into a draw to win 3 months worth of Obeo Food Boxes.

Giveaway open to residents of Ireland only. Winner will be contacted by Obeo to arrange delivery of your food waste boxes. Competition closes at 9pm, 8th February, 2017

Winner will be announced 9th February, 2017.

*** I was sent a pack of three Obeo food waste boxes to try out. All opinions are my own ***

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  1. I need these! I’m really bad at recycling our kitchen scraps but have been trying to recycle more since the New Year 🙂

  2. Id love to try these beauties
    Have started acomposte bin last year and still trying to find ways to help yhe rest of the family to composte / recycle reuse
    Perfect motivation

  3. I’d love to try these out. I’m quite good @ recycling the kitchen waste but hate the mess of it & the fruit flies drive me crazy during the summer. With a mischievous toddler getting more adventurous it’d be good to have a better solution in place.

  4. I’d love to give these a go. Just thinking about the brown bin makes me shudder. Also, great reflection on the food waste. I’d love to see what ours is like. I’d say t-bags alone would fill it in three days though.

  5. Great idea I have been composting for over a year now but have always struggled with a decent container to keep scraps inbetween trips to the compost heap…

  6. I love the idea of these! It is just so messy getting our food waste into the brown bin and this is a convenient and eco-friendly way to do so.

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