5 Subscription Boxes You Never Knew You Needed

Babies mean night feed’s, which in turn means quite a lot of internet time. I don’t know what our mothers did at 3am but with severe tiredness I very much doubt she was smelling our heads in awe every single night on loop. Without Facebook and Instagram I’d probably have struggled through those night feeds which luckily have come to the end for us as Little Bean takes after me and has started to enjoy her sleep. But in my many, many sleepy midnight hazes, I discovered a world completely unknown to me. The world of subscription boxes! Why did no one tell me these were a thing? Here are five I love and think you’ll love too.

Bear in mind, I haven’t tried any of these subscription boxes and this post contains affiliate links. I just think they look awesome and are pretty cool and clever. But these are five that I would sign up for and ones I’ve popped onto my birthday wishlist… nudge nudge wink wink!

My LadyBug

The genius who came up with this cute little idea is damn clever! My LadyBug with the tag line “One less headache next month” is a subscription box service for, yep you guessed it, our time of the month.

I really love this idea and I’m hoping it’s still around when our girls hit puberty. I remember my first period which is a really crappy time because you suddenly realise the inconvenience of periods, but I’ll never forget how excited my Mum and my sister were for me. I laugh now because their excitement was infectious. They wanted to bring me out for lunch to celebrate… WTF haha

But I can understand why they were excited now. It’s a relatively important moment in a young girls life and I think My LadyBug have hit on something very real and very important – how to make our time of the month less chaotic, more manageable and to feel at ease with it, especially for younger girls as they get to grips with this change in their bodies.

With three packages to choose from, different brands to select depending on your preference and 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions, My LadyBug has thought of everything to make your period that little bit more manageable and less annoying. This is definitely one of the cleverest subscription boxes out there.


When my writing career takes off and I get a little more flush with the cash, I am treating myself to a Glossybox subscription for a whole damn year! Not that it’s expensive. I can’t justify the little extras until my writing career takes off and I’m raking it in! Glossybox is actually a mere €14 a month, making it one of the most affordable of the indulgent subscription boxes.

With amazing treats for the glossy lady – ahem yes I’m uber glossy, bald head and all! – Glossybox sends you up to five items every month, the beauty treats, trends and tips you may not need but will definitely want. I’m seething with jealousy for anyone who has a Glossybox subscription already.

You can choose your beauty preferences and check out the online magazine giving you that little bit more every month. And their Instagram is a world of jealousy for me!


Swoon! Oh Papergang how you melt my heart!

If you’re a child of the 80s like me, you may remember a wonderful fad amongst us gals of collecting “fancy paper”. The bright drawings, the daring scalloped edges and the perfume, oh my! It was perhaps my favourite hobby as a kid and I hate to think my box of fancy paper ended in the attic somewhere but it probably did as soon as I hit 14 and developed an “attitude”.

Well, Papergang has brought my love of beautiful paperback blanks back to me. What I love about this subscription box is the variety of the art you receive. With different artists working with Papergang, you’re guaranteed to get a box of talented and interesting items. I just wish writing desks were still a thing.

From £9.15 a month, tnis is one of the sweetest subscription boxes I’ve come across and I’ll be devastated if someone doesn’t pick up on my hint of me desperately wanting one of These! And of course,  for every four boxes they send, they plant a tree!


I’ve promised myself to be a smidge more active this year considering I should have a bit more time to get out in the fresh air, but my skinny jeans and awesome cowboy boots (see I told you I was glossy!) won’t really cut it when I’m trying to slow jog or fast walk my way to a healthy heart. Kate Hudson has the answer for me with Fabletics since I’m sure I’d wear out the penny’s brand quick enough!

Fabletics have a pretty cool, but more importantly, comfortable selection of active wear that is trendy and hard wearing. I have the tankini swimsuit on my wishlist for our summer holidays this year.

The way the Fabletics subscription box works is more like a VIP membership with discounts and as a member you basically “shop or skip” by the 5th of the month to avoid a charge. Quite simple and clever really.

Earning points and receiving discounts on items as a member is absolutely ideal for a gym bunny or yoga enthusiast. For now I’ll stick to the tankini and work my way up to the leggings once I become that dedicated walker I aspire to be!


Even looking at the Instagram of DropChef will make you hungry. I like to think we eat quite well at home with a nice mix of styles and cuisines but when I see some of the dishes provided by DropChef, I realise we could do better. It’s coming up with ideas and finding the right ingredients which keeps us going back to the same favourite dishes all of the time. Convenience is our downfall.

DropChef would come in quite handy for us for so many reasons. Healthy food, delivered directly to us with a quick and easy 30 minute cook time. This is definitely a winner but until they find meals suitable for a picky four year old I’ll have to pass and scour our fridge for ideas.

In the meantime, I will lust over their Instagram feed hoping inspiration strikes.

For nutritious meals with little waste delivered to your door, DropChef is not only convenient but healthy. And for every meal cooked by DropChef, they donate a meal to a child in need. Win win

This post contains affiliate links

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