The last time I stepped foot inside a gym for an exercise class was when my first nephew was six months old. His mum corralled me into joining Tae-Bo so she could whip back into her pre-pregnancy shape. What resulted was some hilarious nights, incredible sweats and tests to our pelvic floor, hers and mine – and I was childless at the time. My nephew turns thirteen next month. From his babydays to his now teenage years, I have forgone any exercise that required lycra or appropriate footwear. Time to get my ass into gear – literally and figuratively.

My sister joined the local Zumba Class a few weeks back and I’ve been jealous ever since. With kids, being a stay-at-home Momma Bear and wanting, or almost needing, something or somewhere I could go and be me for all of one hour, I’ve had my eye on Zumba.

With half of Little Missus’ school friends Mums joining the local class and with the Zumba teacher actually going to her Montessori weekly for a bit of Hokey Pokey style Zumba with the kids, surely it’s only right I poke my head in.

Finding the time to sneak out of the house is the tricky part.

With Little Bean deciding no one else but Momma Bear is allowed to put her to bed, I’m stuck until she’s well and truly under. Lately, It’s been to my benefit that she’s snoozing away at 7pm, but surely that can’t last forever. Regardless, my freelance workload takes precedence so as soon as she is fast asleep, I’m writing. With Little Bean and work keeping me from the early class, I’ve been hoping to make the later class at 8pm on a Monday but I’ve been told it’s harder.

Harder? I’d imagine at this stage in my life Little Miss would manage a full class of Zumba action better than I would. She already wins in the Hokey Pokey stakes! Harder won’t matter since not many do “Beginner classes for those who huff and puff crossing the road before the green man disappears or for those who wheeze getting off an escalator.” So, yes, my lungs, my heart, my arms and legs will be screaming at me five minutes into the first session. I’m dreading it and living for it! So much so, that I have myself all decked out and ready to go. I will be Zumba-tastic.

I’m not a sporty person. I haven’t owned a pair of runners (trainers, if you’re not from around these parts #Irishisms) since those Tae-Bo days and even they were cheap as chips, cut your ankles, is that even a real colour, runners.

I learnt my lesson and knew that if I was to take up Zumba, I needed the gear. Luckily for me JDWilliams have these mega uber comfy Skechers, Reggae Fest, with breathable sides. I’ve started wearing them daily because it’s like walking on cushions with the air cooled memory foam. Memory foam folks! My feet are walking on memory foam and they know it. I’m half expecting these skechers to do most of the work for me at Zumba! Despite not being my usual style of old and worn looking Converse, these Skechers are pretty cool.

Zumba Skechers JDWilliams

I also invested in some incredibly unfashionable pink and navy embarrassments for my legs, also known as lycra leggings, from Pennys.

The leggings have not even met my skin yet because both Little Miss and Papa Bear are laughing at me. Idiot that I am went and bought cropped lycra leggings at that, meaning I’ll have to shave the bejaysus out of my ankles before Zumba gets to exhaust me. Yes, I’m that vain and /or paranoid that someone will cop my hairy shins and have a giggle at the back of the room at the newbie.

Zumba Skechers JDWilliams

So I haven’t been to Zumba yet and I’m thinking about everyone bursting into energetic dance moves right now as I write this, but work comes first and the backlog won’t get done with me at Zumba.

But when I do get to dance my butt into exercise oblivion I will let you know!

FYI while purusing the JDWilliams sandals catalogue I came across these beauts! It’s officially summer. The sun is out and Little Beans first birthday is coming up! All I need to match these Lotus Zorzi tan and black sandals is a black jumpsuit and I am decked out for the bouncy castle party… because every one year old needs a bouncy castle and every Momma Bear needs a pair of sandals for the summer that will go with everything and anything, no matter the occassion.

Sandals JDWilliams

*** This is a collaborative post. I received the Zumba dancing Skechers and Sandals from JDWilliams to try out. ***

3 thoughts on “Zumba-tastic

  • May 23, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    You’ll love Zumba. I’ve never been to a class (I’ve no rhythm or coordination) but I have a DVD that I wobble around the sitting room to when I get the chance. Sometimes the kids want to dance to it with me. (Mammy’s funny dances) Good luck and enjoy 😊 xxx

  • May 23, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    When I started running, I was a huge fan of gear. I had shoes for the road, shoes for the trail, a Camelbak for shorter distances and one for longer, and new Nike running threads. I’ve been at it for a while now (more than a decade), so now its a too-big race shirt I cut the sleeves off and whatever shorts I can grab as I’m headed out the door. Once you find something you love, it’s fun no matter what you’re wearing… Until you get into the groove, you always have the gear to keep you motivated.

  • June 19, 2018 at 5:55 pm

    Nice to see you back into the active lifestyle. I also love my Skechers. It’s so comfy. Planning to buy another pair as a spare.


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