Sunday Sit Down

6 Months of Sunday Sit Down

Blogging has been an amazing experience for the past six months. One aspect of Over Heaven’s Hill, which I’m very proud of, is Sunday Sit Down. The feedback and encouragement I have received for my creative writing has been overwhelming. You have all encourged me to keep writing and to keep this segment of the blog going when I was considering ditching it. As 2016 nears its end and as I wind down the blog for, if I do say so myself, a well deserved Christmas break, today’s post is a round of my personal top five favourite pieces of writing I’ve shared with you.

First of all, I’d like to say Thank You to everyone who has commented on the blog, shared my posts on Twitter and encouraged me to keep writing.

One of the great things about owning your own space on the Internet with your own blog and website is that you are able to share your own thoughts, views and opinions with your readers. A huge part of my personality is being a writer. I have written short stories, poetry and prose since I was eight years old.  I have a large back catalogue of flash fiction and large chunks of novels which have yet to be finished. The written word is important to me. I have loved that I’ve been able to share my writing with you every Sunday.

Today is my last creative writing post for this year. Fingers crossed next year, I will still be able to bring you my writing but more importantly, I’m hoping to share new pieces I have written recently.

Today’s last Sunday Sit Down is a round up of my favourites.

The following posts are five of my favourite short stories and poems which I have shared with you on Over Heaven’s Hill.


textgram_1468344155Lily is probably the piece of writing I am most proud of. The imagery, the characters and the flow of prose is something even I myself love to read and sometimes I’m surprised that I wrote it myself. I thoroughly love writing, but Lily changed something in me and in my style of writing as I found her on the page. Lily was the first short story I wrote with real conviction and love.

Lily was originally published in June.


Sunday Sit Down The Old Woman Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog Poem PoetryThis Old Woman is a character we all know. She’s our neighbour, our aunt, the teacher we used to know. I loved writing this poem because we can all relate. And hopefully this poem will resonate so much, that we won’t end up waiting as long as this old woman does and miss out on this life.

This Old Woman was originally published in September.


Creative writing

When Malla Said No made me cry as I wrote it. I knew the strength of the character and tried to convey the power she had in all stages of her life. as a short story it only picks at the bones of the life of a woman who could be written about forever. Again, I find Malla to be a character we can all see our friends and family in.

When Malla Said No was originally published in August.


Sunday Sit Down Charcoal Dentist Over Heaven's Hill Family BlogCharcoal is based on real emotions and feelings that are difficult to express but come out of you in a more descriptive way. I have a genuine fear of the dentist so that part is all me. The feeling, the taste and the smell of emotions is real. I took idea of charcoal and embellished on it as a way to express a fear that takes over. I love this short story and I have always been very proud of how it ended up on the page.

Charcoal was published in July.

Sunday Sit Down Sentiment Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

How to Put Words to this Sentiment was written when I was very young. As a descriptive poem, it sums up the random thoughts and feelings we try to put words to but can’t.  I loved writing this poem and it has to this day stayed with me. Any time I try to explain how I feel, but can’t express it, I think of this poem.

How to Put Words to this Sentiment was originally published in July.

Of course, I have posted a short story, poem or piece of prose on the blog every Sunday since June so by all means, if you would like to browse thought my Sunday Sit Down archives click here.

Sunday Sit Down will be back in 2017!

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