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Sunday Sit Down – Ancient Hollow

Welcome to a new week of Sunday Sit Down. Grab that coffee and find a warm chair, curl up and sweep into your imagination for a few moments. Ancient Hollow is one of my favourite poems which I’ve written. It sits somewhere in between real life with real feelings and a dream like world that wanders with the ebb and flow of the ocean. I hope you enjoy this one.

~~~ Ancient Hollow ~~~


You brought me to the ancient hollow

and toasted me with champagne,

covered my fairy hair from the rain,

and told me how you loved me so.


You smashed your glass down on the shore

and watched the wave wash away the glass.

You sighed as though holding a requiem mass.

I could feel you thinking in my core.


I knew the truth before you told me,

I saw it in your distant stare.

For this, for me, for us, you had little care.

You saw your life drowning in the sea.


You brought me to the ancient hollow,

knowing full well, for the last time.

For you and I, while in our prime,

have so much more to learn and know.


And so you gently stroked my hair

and told me how you loved me so.

Your soft kiss on my forehead let me know,

that this uncertainty we would share.


I now stand beside our Ancient Hollow

and see our names carved in the cave.

Our love, I did not try to save,

because to love you, I had to let you go.


Geraldine Walsh © Over Heaven’s Hill

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