Sunday Sit Down – Behind this Garden Wall

Welcome to another week of Sunday Sit Down. I have written many poems and short stories over the years. The majority I can recite perfectly, word for word, with the correct and perfect tone for the mood required. My poetry stays with me whether I wrote it recently or fifteen years ago. There are a handful of poems that mean something more to me because of where I was in my life or instances that occurred that stayed with me forever. Behind this Garden Wall is one of those poems.

~~~ Behind this Garden Wall ~~~


Behind this garden wall, where new dahlias grow

With the wild fast moving vines, periwinkle

Trail their tender stems, violet, dash of white on show,


Hides a world so deep in aphrodisiac,


Here, where morning glories gather up the thin branches

Of honeysuckle, vines wrapping tightly their support,

Binding nature’s space, devouring the sweet essence,


Where carnal knowledge is the only truth,


Hidden deep in overgrowth of rose thorn bushes,

Wild poppies sprouting seeds to pure daisies

As the bee sting leads nature’s pollen to blossoms,


Conceals invigorating enthusiasm for natural contact.


Geraldine Walsh © Over Heaven’s Hill

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