Sunday Sit Down – Lessons Learned

Sunday Sit Down – Grab a coffee, comfy chair and have a read. Creative Writing to boost the soul. Lessons Learned is a poem which was first published in Agenda Broadsheet in 2009. It is descriptive story of childhood and a time long gone.

Lessons Learned

I shuffle behind my mothers legs,
Laughter crackling to the rooftops
Of the seven doors house – I counted –
Seeing the old lady’s aura, a pink and red
Flickering glow, dance vibrantly behind her
Purple washed hair, netted in curtains,
Her hands withering, clasping onto the
Sofas hard-edged armrest, fingernails
Ripping at the lace coverings that avoid
Tea stains and chocolate on the arms,
Hiding the natural colour of its ten years.
The voice that beckons tea to be made,
Biscuits to be placed on Wedgwood plates,
And soft drinks to be poured for the “childers,”
That’s “children” to you and me – apparently –
Shouting, “Watch the crumbs” as I place
My five year old hand beneath my chin, noticing
The morsels that dash from her mouth, bound
With the old woman’s saliva, hitting the fire grate,
Thinking, if she eats anymore the fire will go out,
You were seventy-five, the oldest teacher I had,
That was the day I started spitting on the fire.

Geraldine Walsh © Over Heaven’s Hill


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8 thoughts on “Sunday Sit Down – Lessons Learned

  1. I love this poem! The visuals are brilliant and took me back to a time of visiting grandparents, etc where things always had to be done in a certain way! Thank you for sharing. #mg

  2. This is such a beautiful poem, I hope my grandchildren write something like this about me one day xx #mg

  3. First of all thank you for linking up this week with #mg. This piece is so visual you feel like you are in the room. Beautifully written x

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