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Writing Corner – Over Heaven’s Hill

I wrote short stories, poetry and of course those two “often mentioned, never read” half written novels. But life throws a curve ball. While I had little to no energy to write when I was pregnant and little to no time to write when our daughter, A, was born, I find that now as she wanders around the house owning every room and every cupboard, she has given me a glut of things to write about. Over Heaven’s Hill is a gateway for me to share my writings but most important my parenting ramblings.


Over Heaven’s Hill is one of my short stories which I’m obsessively proud about. It was originally a short story which was published in 2008 in Toasted Cheese. Back then writing consumed my life. I joined writing groups, I even set up and managed a group in my home town for almost 4 years.

I’ve dreamed of being a successful writer, having only ever skimmed the surface. And yet there’s that curve ball. I’m now obsessively proud of my daughter (what mother isn’t). What I look for now in life is all about her. I look to make sure she’s happy, safe, cared for and I’ll sacrifice everything and anything for her.

But a time comes when you realise that no matter how dependent your little darlings are on you, you have to keep your own independence and remember the person you were and are.

I’m a writer. I’m a mother but I’m also a writer. And so I’m going to write. I aim to include a weekly Sunday Sit Down – Writing Corner on my blog which will highlight the creative writing I’ve pursued over the years. I hope you enjoy it.

~~~   Over Heaven’s Hill    ~~~

I waited for you by the row of aspen trees that nestle along the curve of the road that leads into town, that shadow the mice scrambling to the woodland in the fiercest heat of summer and the deadening rain in fall. I waited for you to cross over the brow of Heaven’s Hill, the high road that is a bystander to annual soapbox races and yearly toboggan rides—weather permitted.

I remember the year we raced our toboggans down the dry cold snow, cheered on by the neighbours’ Australian shepherd that jumped in and around us, between the flashes of red and blue paint, screeching children, and flailing mitten strings. I remember how, like an inept canoeist, we would struggle to maintain our potency and presence as we hit the curve of the knoll and slid the concurrent fifty feet to the finish line, praised for our outstanding courage and grazed legs, greeted with homemade lemonade and makeshift veteran’s medals wedged onto a burnt wooden stand.

I waited by the hook of road under the one great oak tree that stood amidst the aspen kings, thinking I would glimpse your tousled hair and freckled skin edging over the top of the shimmering heat of Heaven’s Hill. The summer’s day warmth pierced my skin and dried my eyes, burning in the fervour of my youth as I stared into the sun over the knotted bank and listened to the crickets sing.

I waited by the groove of the knoll belonging to the road we would follow on a Sunday drive in your father’s pick-up, on an endless route as we took left turn after left turn to end up in the same place, exactly where we wanted to be. And as I waited for you, as you promised you would come, I remembered it was here you first held my hand, twisted daisies through my hair, and told me how you would marry me—some day.

I watched the black crow that played on the telephone cables above my head, feathers tinged with pink from the hard-hitting sun, mellow beak silently opening, closing, in flirtatious motions, almost whispering, telling me to cover my fair skin and shelter my voice as it cawed and circled my shadow below.

I waited for you, until the heat subsided and the cool air spun around my ankles as the night air fell on Heaven’s Hill. I waited under the sallow-scented trees, inhaling their peppercorn fragrance as the breezy moonlit air wrapped a plume of soft coolness on my bare shoulders. I waited for you because you said you would come.

Originally published Dec 1st, 2008

Geraldine Walsh © Over Heaven’s Hill

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15 thoughts on “Writing Corner – Over Heaven’s Hill

  1. Wow! I don’t know that there’s any other word that sums up how I feel about your writing. I feel like I’m there on Heaven’s Hill underneath the trees waiting alongside you. I can see the leaves Twitter in the breeze, The Crow with his feathers tinted pink from the Sun. What a lovely delicious feeling it was to wait for the one you loved. Feeling all the sweet feelings of knowing this was the man you were to marry. I hope that one day you do follow through with your dream to publish your writings. They are fantastic. I love them thank you so much for sharing it.

    Sometimes our dreams get delayed. Sometimes other things replace them. I’m sure that the dream of raising your daughter took precedence. One day you will fall back into your dream to write and the timing will be right.

  2. I have goosebumps now! There was something about that last paragraph in particular that really resonated with me. And it’s great to hear more about you and your writing. Have you bumped into Dana Schwartz in cyberspace? She’s got a #Writinglikeamother hashtag going at the moment for all of us out there who are trying to juggle writing with parenthood. She’s also an amazing writer! Thanks for linking to #whatImwriting, it’s lovely to have another member of our little community. xx

    1. Oh thanks for the tip, no I haven’t come across her yet. This is one of my favourite pieces which I’ve written – hence naming my blog after it 🙂 love #WhatImWriting thanks for hosting

  3. Your writing is beautiful – I really hope you find the time to fit it in to your daily life again! I have found that there is something about being a mum that is incredibly inspiring – not just in terms of a renewed creativity, but also the desire to lead by example in terms of following my dreams. Good luck mama 🙂 xx

    1. Absolutely! I started this blog because I realised my life has changed so much with my little girl and everything we do now, we do for her. She gives me a lot of writing material and I’m loving using this blog as a forum for my writing. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  4. It’s a beautiful story. But for me your post resonated hugely around the subject of yourself; mother and writer. For me I want to show my daughters who I am apart from their mother so they can know how to be themselves in their futures.

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