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Welcome back to Sunday Sit Down. Since I have exasperated my old archive of short stories and poetry, and now that I need to brush up on my writing skills if I want to finish that novel of mine, I have decided to change Sunday Sit Down just a little. The series will now be fortnightly and based on writing prompts, or little challenges I set¬†to get the creative side of my brain working again. Every fortnight I will share a Writing Prompt – a phrase, idea, image or word. Based on that prompt I plan on spending 15 minutes, no more, no less, writing anything and everything that comes to mind. It’s a great writing excercise that clears out the cobwebs and encourages a level of free, unedited and raw writing. I hope you will join me and take part in these writing prompts also. And if you want to share you’re raw writing in the comments, I would happily read them and give you feedback.

This week I challenged myself to free write based on the following image – and this is what I came up with in 15 minutes – totally raw and unedited! The last bit is crossed out because it doesn’t fit the flow of the narrative but I’ve left it in to show you what I mean by Free Writing. Raw, Fast and Unedited. An excercise to really loosen the writing muscles! Give it a go ūüôā

Free Writing Sunday Sit Down


It wasn’t how I felt, not really at least. I was happy but lost. I was a shadow, a spec of dust trailing behind the the dust cloud. I smiled. We were always told to smile.

“Say Cheese,” Dad would holler behind the large looming camera with silver trim and a flash that stung. A middle child, lost in between the firsts and the lasts, smiling brightly to be remembered that I was there. Somewhere in the middle.

But it wasn’t how I felt, not really. A smile perpetually smeared across a face that tried desperately to be seen and held on to. A smile that disappeared as quickly and it could appear.

“Sasusages,”Dad would say when he thought we weren’t smiling large enough, happy enough. My smile would fade, ever so slightly. Could he not see how enthusiastically I smiled for him? Did he not see how desperately I wanted him to see how much I wanted him to see my smile?

Smiling is not always real. I should know that. Smiling is a way to get what you want. A way for my younger or older sister to get what they want. Smiling is a way to twist that vine of forever love around your little finger. At least for my Dad it was. Smiling for me was to let them know I was happy, but I somehow remained lost in between the pixels of every photograph.

Smiling is sometimes lost.

Join Me – Free Writing

I would absolutely love it if you joined me in two weeks for the next writing prompt. Sunday Sit Down has always been a solitary type of post on the blog but with shared writing prompts we can all get it on the act ūüôā

Each week I will give you the next Sunday Sit Down writing prompt and it would be amazing if you wrote¬†something based on the prompt also. If you would like to share your own¬†free¬†writing based on that days prompt, here¬†on the blog, I’d be more than happy and will give you any feedback I can!

Writing Prompt for Sunday 22nd January

Begin a story with: 

A yellow rose lay crushed on the doorstep

Free Writing Sunday Sit Down

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