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Sunday Sit Down – This Old Woman

Welcome to another week of Sunday Sit Down. Grab a cuppa, fluff up the pillows, sit down and have a read. This week I have another short poem for you from my writing archives. I remember enjoying creating this character and envisaging her life. Reading back through my old poems and short stories, I realise that there is a common theme with age or aging. I find the idea of a long life and the endless possibilities that life entails quite interesting. Pondering the opposite end of the scale is equally fascinating. This poem most certainly covers the idea of a life unlived. I hope you enjoy it.

~~~ This Old Woman ~~~


This old woman sagged before her time.


Her eyes became old and tired

Before her life was rented and hired.


She knew of little but thought of much,

Of sex and God and life and such.


But this old woman, young at heart,

Wondered when if ever life would start.


She counted chimes, too young to die,

She waited and watched for life to come by.


Waited and watched, waited and watched,

But this old woman, life never touched.


Geraldine Walsh © Over Heaven’s Hill

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Sit Down – This Old Woman

  1. I have know two women like this. At present I am dealing with someone like you describe in this poem. Everything you say is so true. It seems they are sitting around waiting to die. Won’t do anything to their home to make life comfortable for themselves, constantly waiting for someone to call, literally waiting for life to start. I am amazed you can see things like this, and you so young. But for me, of course is, how it effects the caring relative living close by. …. I am not a young mother, having already reared my family, and now dealing with three adult children (two girls and a boy) but I love your parenting blog. ) I am not one of these women who sits around waiting for life to happen. I am awaiting confirmation of a apartment in Spain or somewhere else to spend the winter months. There are no pockets in a shroud so I can’t take it with me. But I really love reading your blog, I get to know how things are for young people of today and so much more. Keep up the Sunday sit down etc.

    1. Thank you so much Katia. Congratulations on moving to Spain, what a beautiful idea and I imagine well deserved too. You have raised your family and deserve your time for yourself. You’re right, there’s no point waiting. Life is important and Life must be lived.

      I’m so happy to know you read my Blog.

  2. This poem actually kind of reminds me of my mum. She has done so much for everyone else but has forgotten herself in the equation. I also feel that she thought that life would take her sooner (due to two lots of breast cancer) and now she has sort of given up. This isn’t said in a negative way – more reflective. I also wanted to say many congratulations on your award, really well done 🙂 Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x
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