4 Key Aspects to Address During a Men’s Makeover

It goes without saying that giving a man a makeover presents a very different set of requirements and challenges when compared to the typical trip to a beauty salon. First of all, most men don’t even like the idea of a makeover, let alone being compliant enough to go along with it. Even if you can convince them to give it a try, you still have a mountain ahead of you, as a complete overhaul might just be in order. The process could take some creativity and maybe even a few life changes to see it through to the end, but your hubby or boyfriend will be glad he went along with it when he sees the end result. That being said, here are the four areas you’re going to want to focus on first.

1. Hair

There’s a difference between a bad hair day and a bad hair year. Guys tend to hold onto their hair until the very last minute and then it’s either shave it all off and go through the bald head phase, throw on a toupee, or start looking at hair replacement solutions. Hair loss eventually affects the majority of middle-aged men, so at the very least it may be time for a new hairstyle to accommodate the increasingly obvious male pattern baldness. Hair transplants have come a long way in the past decade, not only in the quality of the finished result but also in the affordability of the procedure, so this may be something they could consider.

2. Teeth

Keeping a perfectly white smile can be difficult for men who drink coffee, soda, or alcohol, eat a high-sugar diet, consume meat regularly, smoke habitually, eat buttery meals, etc. A round of whitening strips can help reverse some of the stain-causing abuse his teeth have taken over the years, and even a single shade lighter can make a world of difference aesthetically. If he has more moderate to severe dental issues, cosmetic dentistry in the form of veneers and invisible braces could be the icing on the cake that really makes him feel like a new person.

3. Clothing

A man is only as classy as his outfit, and you can’t have a true makeover without taking fashion into consideration. Ironically, this can actually be the cheapest part of the whole ordeal, as a refreshing style doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. Contrary to popular misconception, people notice the look more than the brand name, so you can still build a nicely revamped men’s wardrobe on a budget.

4. Shoes

Surveys indicate that most people feel they can tell the class and wealth of an individual just by looking at their shoes. Thus, it makes sense that a sleek pair of trainers or business shoes should serve as the cherry on top.

In closing, once you’ve gotten all the external factors taken care of, a man can always benefit from making positive lifestyle changes as a follow-up measure. Spending more time outdoors and exercising can provide the benefit of losing weight and gaining a nice complexion in the process. In fact, doctors recommend getting an average of 10-20 minutes of direct sunlight per day to absorb more vitamin D and fend off depression.

Have you successfully convinced your man to undergo a makeover? Let us know the results in the comments!

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