Forgotten Holiday Essentials

You may remember how, in all my winter excitement, I convinced my parents to join us on our summer holidays this year. In January began our hunt for a relaxing retreat away on a secluded but beautiful spot of Ireland. Low and behold a Wexford self catering house awaited us in Kilmore Quay. It may be weeks away, but I’m already thinking about what to pack. In my head we’re going to the Algarve and expecting 25° heat. The holiday essential list is long. Getting longer by the minute when I add in the favourite toys and books which can not be forgotten alongside the mountains of clothes which need to be brought. As you can see, I’ve mostly been thinking about what the kids need but there are a few more holiday essentials we all end up forgetting.

Mark this blog post for all you lucky divils who will be jetting off abroad somewhere warm and sunny. While the warm and sunny for us is the south of Ireland, it doesn’t matter because school is out and summer fever is here.

When we were childless, we went to Berlin a lot. It was the perfect time to sit back, relax and recharge the batteries to fully loaded. Its all a little different now with two under four tagging along. Packing for a holiday with a family is a little different than remembering what make-up to bring and whether or not three or four pairs of skinny jeans would do.


It’s proving to be a little stressful since Momma Bear tends to be the one to pack for the whole family. My packing list is all in my head for the moment. It will soon be transferred to my trusty diary. And finally a suitcase will be opened and left on the bedroom floor two weeks before hand while I randomly pop things once they’re ironed and neatly folded. But let’s not forget:

First Aid Kits

Of course, you don’t need to prepare for the ER, but you should never underestimate the importance of first aid and a first aid kit. This only has to be a small bag with any pills or medicine the family requires and some medication for any common illnesses you may get such as upset stomachs, headaches or heat stroke. While these medications are usually easy to find here, this is not always the case when you are abroad and you may find that they actually require a prescription. Make sure you pack this first aid kit with all of the necessities before you go! We got ours in Lidl for next to nothing and is definitely an essential.


And a spare set. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t really need to use our sunglasses all that often over here despite this summer being blistering hot. We’re not used to needing them to hand so it can be super easy to forget about them when we are jetting off somewhere warm and sunny or Wexford as the case may be. This is particularly annoying when you already have a favourite pair of sunnies or a designer pair. While you should be able to easily find a new pair at your destination, you might be trapped by expensive tourist prices which is not what anyone wants!

Beach Towel

This is another item that many of us forget to pack in our suitcases. We actually don’t even own a beach towel. Considering I’m hoping we can spend half of our holiday on the beach at Kilmore Quay, I plan on picking up a few of these before they disappear from the shops. You may think that you don’t need one if the hotel has towels. I would recommend you do take your own beach towel as you never know what the quality of hotel towels will be like or how often they will change them. Plus, a white shower towel really isn’t ideal for the beach!

Reading Materials

If you have kids older than ours who actually give you a half an hour of silence and peace then don’t forget to pack some reading material! This is essentially important when you are travelling as most of us enjoy getting lost in a book or keeping up with the latest gossip in magazines. These can be seriously overpriced at the airport, so take them with you and don’t get caught out!


Last but not least! Hands up if you have previously been guilty of this one… I know I definitely have. There is nothing worse than turning up to your hotel after a long day of travelling, only to find that you cannot charge up your mobile phone or other electronics as you have forgotten an adaptor. What is even more annoying is then having to pay over the top prices for one! Make sure you don’t start off your holiday negatively by putting adaptors in your suitcase early. Luckily we won’t need one for Wexford!

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