What Will You Do?

Here it is. The start of a brand new year when expectations are high and disappointments seem so far away or even impossible. When new beginnings can mean everything and anything and certainly have no place for failure. When day one is exciting with a new mind embracing new challenges. What will you do in 2019?

2019 new year

Our book is unwritten.

The pages are crisp, clean and empty, waiting for you to scribble a few tales and cross a few mountains, shed a few tears and burst with love and excitement.

I read a thread on Twitter recently for those wannabe novelists who want to finally write that book in the New Year. How to bring those characters alive and give them meaning, purpose and adventure. How to unravel a story that is exciting, daring and inspiring.

It got me thinking about how my life, while completely ordinary, crossed so many boundaries, jumped off so many cliffs, soared through so many skies in the last year. 2018 was my year. 2018 was also not my year.

I battled and battled and battled and frick I won. The scars are there, mentally and physically and I’ve changed a whole lot, and also not a lot, over the past twelve months. As have you.

What is there left for me to do in 2019? For you to do?


Keep it all going. Raise the bar, lower the bar and limbo like the best of them. Face new challenges, cross new mountains, and keep it all going.

That Twitter thread taught me a thing or two about life. Real life. Because isnt that what stories are based on?

We are the characters in our own book. The feisty one. The nervous one. The one with an untold story. The one with secrets. The social one. The scared one and the sacred one. The fantastical and magical. The ordinary. The new. The adventurer.

We are the plotlines that twist and turn, fall and soar. The stories that plateau all of a sudden for an uncomfortable length of time and as quick as everything seems comfortable, a jolt of electricity revs the story on.

We are the story we don’t want to end.

We are the characters we love and feel for.

We are the pages magically adorned with words as the seconds tick by.

It’s a new year.

There is no expectation to do more. To do better. To change. To push yourself harder.


Keep it all going.

Because what you have is worth reading and living.

Heres to you.

What will you do in this brand new book?


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