Searching for Work Life Balance for 2018 part 2

The root of work life balance is supposed to be happiness. Where are you happier? How can you be happier juggling two separate scenarios- work life and home life but for many, the root travels deeper on a very basic and monetary plane – money. Is it there? How can you get it? And how can you spend less of it? When making decisions about how you are able to balance a career and a family, the basis of it all often comes down to how you will survive – on one income, on two, on cut salaries or by getting creative. Finding your worth and appreciating what you are worth to your employer is the first step to earning a wage you deserve. But are you brave enough to chase your worth? A question I constantly ask myself.

As part of a collaborative series this week I’m considering my place in the working environment, my role as an employee and as a mum and how the two can be merged now that I’m Momma Bear to two cubs. And of course I’m not forgetting Papa Bear in this scenario and wondering how his work life balance can be altered too. If anything, our work life and our family life needs monitoring so that our mental health is in tip top condition!

Today’s post is about finding ways to make money or rather extra money for your family, ways to find and receive your worth and be brave enough to take those extras you deserve. I would love to know how you and your family manage careers and children so please do let me know in the comments. 

Work life balance

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So many of us face the same internal struggle every single day of our working lives: we love our job role and chosen career, but just aren’t earning enough from our current position. While we flourish in the workplace and revel in every moment of it, we just aren’t making enough to cover the bills and indulge in all of the things that we’d hoped that we would be able to enjoy. So what are we supposed to do in this situation? This is a question that you might have been asking yourself for some time now. After all, you do need to earn a sufficient living, but don’t want to leave a job you adore in favour of a higher paying position that you are likely to despise. It’s often extremely difficult to strike the right balance between enjoying your job and bringing in your desired wages. But it is possible. So, don’t hand your notice in just yet. Here are a few different ways to make more money without entirely changing your career.

Request a Raise or Promotion

Now, the majority of us are extremely hesitant to directly ask our employer for a rise in our wages. But without prompt, many employers will leave you on the same income for years at a time, not taking inflation and the rising cost of living into account. Bear in mind that the longer you’re in a position, the more experienced you become in your role too, which means that you are doing a much better job at the same entry-level rate you were given when you first started the job. You may also become better qualified while you’re working. Courses such as msc finance online and other distance learning courses can boost your resume and be undertaken without interfering with your current working hours. Achieving these qualifications serves as further proof that you’re deserving of a higher salary. Never feel hesitant to ask. The worst that can happen is that you are refused. You can then begin to survey other options!

Apply for Positions with a Competitor

If you are refused a raise, you can always keep an eye out for openings at competitor companies. They are likely to have individuals working in the same field as you, but may be willing to offer you more money for your work if you opt to work for them instead of your current employer.

Go Freelance

Many of us fall into employed positions through habit or the fact that being employed is a social norm. But why not consider going freelance? Being self-employed has many perks, one of which includes choosing your own rates. This gives you complete control over how you value your time and work and how much you receive in exchange for it. You can do the same type of work but directly for clients themselves rather than having middlemen take a portion of your profits.

As you can see, you can often get more money for the very skills that you’re already putting to use on a daily basis in your current career. Be brave and pursue the pay that you’re deserving of!

*** This is a collaborative post. This post may contain affiliate links. ***

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