Gizmo Saves Christmas

Oh, I do love Christmas! Obviously – since I’ve had two Christmas trees up in our house since the middle of November. I promise, that’s the earliest I’ve ever had them up. Everything about this season makes me happy except Christmas ad’s, all of which this year seem to have made me cry reams of tears into my tin of Roses. That is, until I saw the short-sighted pug, Gizmo. Vision Direct launched their Christmas ad for 2017 last week and Hooray, it’s the first Christmas ad that has made me laugh! So, I’ve been an emotional mess lately as pregnancy hormones dig their claws into me. I’ve watched all of the Christmas Ad’s by this stage and they have all pandered to these emotions and left me blubbering. Oh but Mr Gizmo, not you! No, no! Gizmo, Vision Directs adorable mascot pug, shared the lighter (literally) side of Christmas. I ended up giggling and dare I say, a chortle may have escaped as I watched Gizmo and his pretty neighbour, Cuddles the Cat, partake in a rivalry of festive extremes! We all have neighbours who like to one up each other in the Christmas lights stakes as their houses take on Santa Claus and the entire North Pole. Well, Gizmo and Cuddles have a hilarious competitive streak! Check it out and I dare you not to have a giggle like me. Animal lovers around the world are bound to love this one!

When Gizmo gazes out of his window one snowy Christmas eve, he’s surprised to see a fluffy stranger staring back at him. What starts out as a fierce festive competition ends in a purrfect friendship.

Gotta say, I’m on Gizmo’s team as I’ve always preferred Dogs to Cats and a little pug, who almost always looks at you quizzically, is beyond cuter than a Cat who looks like they’re sizing you up. Whose team are you on? FYI Gizmo’s awesome retro style glasses are available on the Vision Direct Store!

Christmas Ad’s are a very competitive market these days, and I don’t envy companies who tip their toes into the icy waters to rival big companies who have been doing it for years. I love Gizmo and the Vision Direct Ad because it has brought something cute and fresh to a Christmas market that is full of tears, memories and sensibilities … or that could be just me being a pregnant Momma Bear!

Ashley Mealor, Vision Direct’s Chief Marketing Officer, talked about the ad campaign, Gizmo and the public’s love for the adorable pug:

“We are so excited to reveal our brand new Christmas Campaign for 2016, Gizmo Saves Christmas. For our first Christmas ad last year to be mentioned alongside the likes of John Lewis and Sainsburys was phenomenal. We knew we had to bring Gizmo back this year and make the new campaign even more fun, playful and exciting for our audience. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

Sam Orams, Chief Creative Officer of Bespoke Film and Communications, the creative team behind the ad, commented:

 “This is our second Christmas adventure with Gizmo and this year we are delighted to be able to introduce his rival Cuddles, the cat from across the street. With the perfect foil in place the scene is set for some festive competition in a story which is ultimately about caring for others, a value close to the heart of the Vision Direct brand.”

This year, Vision Direct have added competitions, fun and games to Gizmo’s Festive Page as part of their festive countdown Advent Calendar. There are plenty of prizes to be won, so be sure to check it out! Vision Direct are the UK’s first and longest running online only contact lens retailer, having been trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers to deliver affordable and high quality eye care since 1998.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. 

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  • December 6, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Wow! Love Gizmo. Haven’t seen the ad yet. Where Have I Been.


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