A Peek Inside Our Home At Christmas

Even though my tastes in interior design are a little more unique than others with an industrial, steampunk and eclectic style, my Christmas Decor is traditional and bright. I don’t apologise for the fact that our two, yes two, Christmas trees have adorned our home since the middle of November. With a sick and poorly A pretty much all of November and a baby nestled frequently in my arms, I took the opportunity to get the decorations out of the attic whenever I could. It took me two weeks to put the tinsel out but by the start of December, our home was glorious lit up for Christmas. Take a peek.

We have our current Christmas tree eleven years this year and even though the fake trees shed as much as the real ones, I learnt a branch bending skill from my folks which covers up any gaps. Standing at 6ft, our tree is a memory of our lives. Every decoration, every ribbon and bead has been carefully protected and loved over the years as we gather gifts from family and buy special decorations that mean something to us. From our photos of the kids that hang in stars to the Newbridge Silver collection my mum has gathered for us over the years. We have balls from Cheers in Boston and wooden cut outs from Berlin. My Pennys Best collection reminds me of the years I gathered decorations when B and I first moved in together and two owls my mother-in-law bought us last year for our two girls. Every decoration has a story, some more romantic and elaborate than others but they all mean something to me.

Christmas decor

Even the star which has adorned our tree for eleven years is special. I bought it one year on a whim as B worked late and I wanted to surprise him with the new tree and our then apartment decked out for the season with new christmas decor. It was our first year married and I can’t see us ever having anything else at the top our tree.

Christmas decor

I quite like the traditonal when it comes to Christmas which sometimes surprises me, afterall, our sitting room has a large and looming black wall and I upcycled our kitchen presses to a distressed grey – not quite modern and on the dusty side of vintage. This year, before I placed our mantelpiece decorations, I hastily texted B and told him I had a bit of painting to do before more decos came out. He wasn’t impressed considering I didn’t give him any more details and he had visions of me painting the walls. Instead I upcycled our boring thin beech mantel, which I’ve hated since we moved in, and painted it a dark grey before distressing and waxing it. I love it! Finally our mantel is something I’m proud of. And of course our framed vintage movie postcards quietly nestle in behind the faux poinsetta candle holder.

Christmas decor

Our second tree is a hand me down from my parents who upgraded theirs. A delicate tree with snow painted tips, it’s one of the frustrating ones that come in a million colour coded pieces but I love how it lights up our kitchen on the dark nights.

Christmas decor

So our home may not be traditional but our christmas decor is and pleasantly so. Our eclectic taste mingles well with the rustic charm of snowy pinecones and twinkling lights. And even though our non traditional taste may be interesting, it doesn’t mean that I don’t longingly flick through the interior design magazines for inspiration. The traditional is becoming dated after all and we look towards the established unique for ideas. In fact, I spent the time waiting for Little Bean to fall asleep tonight by checking out the Chill.ie seasonal Winter Interiors Ebook they have just brought out. With upcycled furniture, minimalist ideas and colour block trending, I like to think that my stark canvas of black and grey walls, sharp lines and unique collections make me a trendsetter since I’ve done it all years before. Merry Christmas everyone! I’d love to see your christmas decor so head over to my Facebook page and send me a pic!

Christmas decor

*** This is a collaborative post with Chill but those are my words and my Christmas Decor ***

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