Happy Birthday A

Three years ago at 3:03pm our daughter was born. She changed our world and made us into stronger and better people. She made us more emotional than we ever thought possible and we have been explicitly exhausted since the moment she was put in our arms and we smelt her sweet baby skin. From that second, as the clock ticked our way into parenthood for the first time, everything we did, everything we planned was for her. For her happiness, for her future. We strengthened our marriage, we grew roots in our new home and planned for the future. She is the centre of our universe. Like the Sun and Moon we revolve and live purely for her. Today, there is no Sunday Sit Down, todays post is a dedication to my baby girl who is no longer a baby, no longer a toddler, she has graduated to child. Happy Birthday Goose.

It’s impossible to recount how much our daughter has changed in her three short years. Babies and toddlers do not have an incredibly easy life. They are learning and changing and growing, rapidly and viciously. Imagine going to sleep one night and waking up the following morning after your world has changed dramatically. Overnight your brain downloaded a million bits of information that you’ve translated quickly.

It’s been incredible watching A change and grow. Her little personality is beautiful and has been peeking through so gracefully the last year. I find her an enigms with how she knows the lyrics to songs that I instantly forget. She makes up her own dance routines and plays games with characters swirling around her head.

Her little world is vast yet once Momma and Papa Bear are with her she’s happy. She made moving house last year a dream and took to her new home and surroundings quicker than we did. There are no issues with getting up early for work in the morning, or heading out into the cold dark air these days. She takes everything in her stride and goes with the flow.

She has been a dream child since the day she was born, impossibly placid and beautiful. Ww know how lucky we have been having A as our daughter. There is no one like her. She has made our lives a million time better and given us a purpose, a future, a reason to be and stay happy.

In those three years I have changed. Being Momma Bear is so much harder than I ever imagined. They don’t tell you how hard it is be a parent. Or perhaps being without kids, you can’t comprehend why parents are exhausted and often at the end of their tether. It is simply because parenting is tough and you have no choice but to change and become someone new. Someone stronger and someone weaker. Physically strong yet often emotionally weak. B will tell you the same. Parenting has changed him. He will break walls for his family but he will be emotionally unstable as he watches the world our daughter is growing up in.

Parenting is confusing. Some days you don’t know how you’ll cope and others are perfect days and you feel like a hero. Parenting is liberating and taxing. Some days you feel you’ve accomplished a hundred tasks and other days you feel those tasks heavy on your shoulders. Parenting is rewarding and fulfilling. I can not describe how your heart fills when your child tells you they love you or when they say thank you for something simple you’ve done for them.

Parenting is… Finding a fairy door in a field, knocking on that door, opening that door and not knowing what to expect.


Happy Birthday Goose. We love you more than you will ever know xoxo

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