When You Were A Baby…

They say that when a newborn baby is on its way to a family, that older children may often regress into babyhood. Talking about the impending arrival, buying nappies and supplies and witnessing a whole new level of babyhood can be confusing for toddlers and young children, especially children who have never experienced a new baby invading their space before and don’t know what to make of all this change. We’ve noticed over the past few months, that A has started regressing in a playful manner as she alludes to being a baby again, using a soother, talking in goo-goo gaga language and wanting to be held and cuddled like a baby. It’s quite cute… once we don’t let it get to far and become an issue. So, she’s regressing a little. That’s perfectly fine since her world is about to be turned upside down, but we’ve noticed one other thing. B and I have regressed a little too.

There is a new phrase that seems to be bombarding our house. It’s “When you were a baby…” For some reason or another, we have regressed, in a manner of speaking, by constantly reminiscing about times when A was a baby. When she walked for the first time, ate carrrots for the first (and probably last) time and when she used to do this and used to do that.

All grown up drinking hot chocolate. No longer our baby but always our baby.

I know we’re reminiscing in a way to prepare us for Little Bean’s arriva. As we talk about all of the things that are going to happen when she is here, we’re also thinking back to a time when A was so small and so innocent. When she was the newborn.

She’s going to seem like a giant to us and all grown up when her baby sister arrives and that scares me in a way. I don’t want to miss my first child when she’s right there in front of me. I don’t want to live in the past remembering what she was like and missing out on what she is like now. I also don’t want her to think that I prefer the time when she was a baby, thereby preferring the baby when she arrives.

We don’t have too much longer left to wait until we’re thrown back into the world of babyhood and yes it’s wonderful to reminisce on the times when A was first born. When we brought her home that first day, when she smiled at us with gurgly grins. But she is incredibly amazing now, despite the toddler tantrums that are helping her find her way in this world.

I’ve tried to stop, the last while, using that phrase – when you were a baby. It’s oddly not that easy since, I’m noticing how grown up she has gotten. But I’ve also noticed that she has eased up on the baby-acting too. Maybe we’re both getting used to the idea of her growing up and the impending arrival of Little Bean. Maybe, in an odd way, we’re all preparing ourselves for the massive upheaval to our lives that is simply seven weeks or so down the line.

Oh boy!

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