Matilda’s World 15: a perfect handmade toy shop – Review  

A has finally discovered Christmas! At almost three years old, she understands who Santa is and what happens with all the presents. It’s probably due to the fact that she has been watching The Santa Clause on constant loop since July. Since them, Papa Bear and I have repeatedly burnt the turkey like Scott Calvin and had dinner in Dennys. We’ve ridden in make shift sleighs and had countless hot chocolates. It’s lucky that we adore Christmas too so this type of play never gets old! Last week A gave her Great Aunt a pen and paper and asked her to write down what she said. It went something like this: Dear Santa, my name is A. I would like a bike, a doll, an aeroplane, a guitar, a dress like Rainbow Dash, a batman belt, a blind bag and a squishy pop. I actually couldn’t wait for the day she asked to write her Santa letter and I’ll admit my heart broke a little because I was in work and not there to help her tell Santa how good she has been all year. But it’s exciting none the less and I now have to start a bartering system with good old Saint Nick. Along my travels on Etsy to find some amazing handcrafted Irish stores to introduce you to in my upcoming Christmas Gift Guide, I came across Matilda’s World 15. Cute and adorable were the first two words that popped into my head. And I’ll be directing the big man their way to tick some items off A’s list!

Matilda's World 15 Etsy Review
Beautiful large soft fabric dolls from Matilda’s World 15 – 25euro each

Meet Matilda’s World 15

I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie and Anna, two sisters, who are the heart and soul behind Matilda’s World 15. They gave me the opportunity to have a look at some of their beautiful toys and handmade gifts in person. The quality is superb, second to none, and highly recommended if, like me, you have a doll or two to tick off that list.

Maggie and Anna were a pleasure to meet. Beautifully friendly and warm. They greeted me as though we knew each other for years, even though we had only exchanged a few messages on Etsy. I could see straight away the love they have for creating each and every single piece available on their online Etsy Store. When someone is eager and proud to show you their work, you know it’s worth looking at.

As mother’s themselves, they know and understand the quality and beauty we look for in toys for our children. The time and effort they put into their items shines through when you see how perfect the stitching is. Every item is beautifully crafted with fabrics that are soft, colourful and perfectly suited to their creation.

If You Love It, Pop a Name On It!

Your favourite item can be personalised with your child’s name or a preferred message which is always a beautiful thing to do. I remember the day we bought a Santa hat with A’s name beautifully embroidered on it. Having your child’s name on a doll or a cushion, makes it unique, makes it theirs and makes it special.

Hush Little Baby

Matilda's World 15 Doll Basket Review
The Doll Basket was the first item I fell in love with from Matilda’s World 15. Seeing it in the flesh made me love it even more!

I fell in love with the doll basket which is much like a bassinet from Matilda’s World. I saw it on the store and  was so delighted that Maggie and Anna included it in a collection of items for me to see. Photographs do not do it justice (in fact I found it difficult to photograph so, above, is Maggie and Anna’s photo from Etsy – my photography skills are not as good as my writing skills!) The baby doll carrier is stunning. Beautifully padded, perfectly stitched and wonderfully soft. Of course, A has simply asked for a doll but I’m sure Santa will give her a few accessories also for her little baby doll and I will politely ask him to include a Matilda’s World Doll Basket. I absolutely know for certain that A will love it. At 25euro it’s not dear either.

Don’t Lose the Tooth

Matilda's World 15 Review
Beautiful tooth fairy pillows €18 each

Another item I fell in love with were the tooth fairy pillows. Since A has yet to lose any teeth, I wasn’t aware that tooth fairy pillows existed but I absolutely love the idea. At the back of the pillow is a pocket for the tooth/money exchange. These are fantastic pillows. Brilliantly sturdy and strong and again perfectly hand stitched and decorated. This will definitely be an investment piece for when A gets a little older.

Maggie and Anna have a huge range of toys and gifts with a hundred items on their store. I guarantee you will find something you love, and something your children will cherish forever. From Fabric Dolls, to Tooth Fairy Pillows, Sensory Tag Toys for Babies, Vintage Humpty Dumpty Toys, Sensory Bean Bags, Cushions, Fairy Pillows and so much more. 

All toys and gifts on the Matilda’s World 15 store are handmade by Maggie and Anna. All materials are high quality with anti-allergic fiber filling. Their attention to detail is top priority with every item carefully sewn and hand embroidered. They are craftsmen, delivering high quality, beautiful toys and I for one am a fan. I will tell you in the New Year if A is also. My guess is that she most definitely will be!

Worldwide Shipping is available and toys and gifts can be gently hand washed with cool water and soap.

10% Off Matilda’s World 15

See something that caught your eye? The beautiful Maggie and Anna have offered a 10% discount to my readers for the month of October on orders over 10euro. Simply enter the coupon code October16 at checkout and start ticking items off your list! 

You can find Matilda’s World 15 on Etsy and Twitter.

Matilda's World 15 Review

A message from the beautiful Maggie and Anna themselves:

Greetings everyone!

It’s Anna and Maggie here, we’re sisters, mothers and best friends. We were brought closer together by our common hobbies and together, we run our shop Matilda’s World 15. We believe in the “One Day”  ideology. We come from Poland where we lived for around 30 years and faced events that were not always easy. One day we flew out to a little green island called Ireland that charmed us with its beautiful scenery where the landscape is covered in green up until the horizon and roses blossom even in December. Ireland is a full of fantastic and friendly people, music, dance and old Celtic legends which can be heard every evening in Irish pubs.

We’ve been living here for 9 years now and One Day we decided to follow our common hobby which we never had time for or were looking for a good reason not to start. Maggie bought a sewing machine despite the fact that she swore that after 20 years of working in a tailoring/sewing sweat shop she would never even look at one again. Hmm, never say never. One day Maggie made “Matilda” and that’s where it all started. After Matilda several other dolls, owls, cuddly toys and cushions followed which were all sewn with at most concentration and dedication.

Hammers, bolts, drills, nuts and all kinds of tools, nails and screws were always a hidden passion of mine. Despite it being considered un feminine I am able to create really beautiful canvas art filled with colors and art. I also love renovating old furniture. I believe that every item of furniture has its own soul and I strive to make it show in the best light possible.

Everything in life starts or ends with “One Day” and it is up to us to determine when the next day will come.

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are completely and wholeheartedly honest and mine*

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