Supermarket Tricks For The Broke Work From Home Parent

I’m broke. Ok not broke but this freelancer lark may just break my mind if I struggle to be able to afford to meet my friends for a coffee every now and again. Worst part of freelancing? Wondering if and when the money will come in. Only one month in and I already miss being a trigger happy credit card swiper. It was so easy. Thoughtless. Effortless. Until the bill came in. But now? I can’t wait to see a triple figure bill. Will I even make triple figures in a month? Who knows. Thinking twice, and figuring out how much surplus cash I have for coffee splurges, if any, has been a big change for me. But oh I’m learning tricks! I have to really. The biggest, is how to avoid the supermarket.

I wouldn’t say I’m a shopoholic but I do enjoy spending money. Who doesn’t. It’s the temporary release of endorphins I suppose. My biggest spend thrift extravagance? The food shop.

When we first moved in together, I couldn’t wait to fill up our fridge. Stuff it with food that we loved. Treats we could splurge on. I’m happiest when our fridge is full. Biiiiigg mistake buying an American style fridge freezer when we moved to our forever home. Oh but I do love it despite it appearing incredibly barren and sad looking three days after I fill the damn thing up.

I have a thing about an empty fridge. What a privileged thing to say but I hate it when the fridge is empty. Best way to fix that is, yep, shopping!

Since my P45 happily danced it’s way into our letter box I am keenly aware that I am self-employed and make my own magic in regards to not only my empty fridge but also my almost empty bank account. Money comes, money goes after all. Ok, it’s not that bad. I managed more work in January than I thought and I have a few projects lined up but it doesn’t stop me from being ridiculously aware of my income.

So my downfall is the weekly food shop. I say I’ll only spend €50 to get the €10 back from Dunnes, or double my items with that fifty in Lidl, or wander to JC’s in Swords (maddest shop around) to check out the bargain aisle or Fiver Friday. But alas my dear friends this never ever eeeevvvvver happens!

Oh that looks nice. Is that new? I haven’t had that in ages. Ah sure we’ll give it a try.

Yep, I talk to myself strolling around the supermarket.

I spend way too much on food. It’s a problem. And it’s where I will majorly fail with keeping the household budget unless I change my ways. The supermarket is clever. They know that most of their shoppers are just like me. They know how to make us spend more. And they’re right.

See, marketing is an inherently clever evil! They can trick us, they can tempt us. But we can out-think them. Outwit them. Keep our money in our pocket. Or at least we can try! And boy am I trying. So far so good.

Except I’m going shopping this weekend. I’m a little nervous. Send me your tips! Tell me your couponing miracles. Come with me and take every unnecessary item out of my trolley! I’m studying the Supermarket Tricks Infographic! I will be the best, level headed, cheapest shopper around!

Or I’ll get sucked in yet again and search in the sofa for a few pennies for coffee. Hmmmm

credit to sunny

This is a collaborative post but all opinions are honest and my own

2 thoughts on “Supermarket Tricks For The Broke Work From Home Parent

  • February 7, 2018 at 9:57 pm

    I don’t do big shops anymore it am lucky a Supervalu is 10 mins away .when you shop for a few days at a time you actually spend less and throw out less
    Great post

    • February 7, 2018 at 10:17 pm

      That’s the exact mindset I’m trying to get into. I always did a big shop and spent too much anyway but always need to refill the fridge every week anyway. I need to focus my mind on a smaller shop and a list!
      So you find supervalu expensive? I love their prepped meats and garlic potatoes!


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